11 Vital Things to Bring on a Day Hike to Make it Totally Memorable

The holidays are cropping in and you have no idea what you should carry for your hike expedition. No need to worry, we have the perfect and most comprehensive guide that ensures your hike experience is not just adventurous but unforgettable. Follow the guideline provided and you will feel safe and at ease as you are up-to-date on what to bring on a day hike.

Depending on the kind of hike you want to experience, there are factors to consider prior to making the checklist. They include the number of people, season, place and the duration the hike will take.

1. Backpacking Tent

bring Backpacking Tent for day hike

Selecting a good tent for your hike adventure is not an easy decision. There are a lot of aspects that influence the choice you settle for. A lightweight tent would be a good choice since it reduces the pack weight and is cost effective.

Your selection should be influenced by the shelter, sleeping bag, and backpack. Use the link to decide on the most appropriate tent that would suit your specific kind of adventure.

2. Food and Water

bring Food and Water for day hike

When hiking tops your to-do list, it is crucial that you have fun, however, it does not mean you should forget your nutritional needs. The experience will consume a lot of energy in your body while dehydrating you.

Thus, it’s advisable to carry non-perishable food products such as energy bars, chewing gums, gels and enough water that will adequately replenish the lost energy and relief thirst while keeping you hydrated for the entire period.

Look out for the duration you intend to take and the number of people present.

These factors enable you to know the exact amount of food that will be sufficient and probably add more just to be safe. If you find it necessary, carry a cooler and other food related tools that will be vital during the hike. Non-perishable food stuff is highly recommended such as energy bars chewing gum and gels.

3. Gloves and Socks

Gloves and Socks for day hike

If you plan to visit a cool area, carry extra gloves and socks. Without warm gloves and socks, you may end up feeling uncomfortable. What you decide to settle for needs to be appropriate and fit the type of journey you intend to have.

This consideration will prevent you from experiencing blisters before you are done with the adventure.

For both winter and summer, wool would be a perfect choice (merino sheep) as it manages moisture effectively than most fabrics, cotton included. 

4. Hike Clothing

Hike Clothing for day hike

The trail you intend to use determines the hiking clothes you settle for, but to avoid soaking in sweat, synthetic is a good way to go (they keep you dry for the entire experience). Cotton clothing only traps moisture and wets you but merino wool is a good example of a perfect material that drives moisture and bad odor away. For a hot place, consider carrying short sleeved t-shirts and wear a good quality sunscreen.

The underwear you choose should be influenced by the location you intend to visit. During the summer, having a hat will prevent you from being exposed to the damaging UV rays. Choose the one that will cover your head, ears and neck.

5. Rain Gear

Rain Gear for day hike

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This should top your checklist regardless of whether there is rain or not, it is advisable to always carry the relevant garments for the occasion. Equip yourself with a breathable rain jacket that is waterproof. Such jackets have been designed in a way they prevent you from soaking wet while simultaneously letting the sweat out of the jacket.

6. Foot Gear

hiking boots and shoes for day hike

The market is flooded with a wide range of hiking boots that will efficiently and effectively serve the purpose you wish. Whatever you opt to settle for, ensure they are comfortable to wear and you can easily move around with.

If the trail you are going to follow is wet or muddy, boots may be the perfect footwear to settle for. A rocky trail will need boots that are above the ankle for the purpose of increasing support.

7. Sleeping Gear

ultra light backpacking sleeping bag for day hike

A good sleeping bag will keep you comfortable and warm regardless of the adverse low temperatures. Settle for a bag that is rated the best for cold weather a good example is a multifunctional and ultra-light sleeping bag.

What is your preference?There is a wide range of sleeping bags in the market. You can select in terms of comfort rating, size and even the type of insulation. There are different types including mummy sleeping bags, square sleeping bags, sleeping pods, etc...

8. A Hiker’s First Aid Kit

A Hiker’s First Aid Kit for day hike

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When going for hiking, you are exposed to a number of dangers which are unknown. There are some items in the kit that are rarely used. However, a fully equipped first aid kit will assist you greatly.

Those items that are often used need to be replaced. Confirm if the inventory has aspirins, sterile dressing pad, gauze roll, adhesive tape, scissors, a thermometer, safety pins, antiseptic towel, antibiotic ointment, aloe Vera gel, bandages, etc... Depending on your medical history, carry a kit that will be useful in the case of an emergency.

9. GPS Tracker and compass

GPS Tracker and compass for day hike

You can substitute a compass with a GPS tracker or use both to complement each other. If you want to go old school, settling for a compass is not a bad idea, but ensure you have a backup if the worst comes to the worst. The GPS units will give you more accurate results while indicating the path you should follow.

Settle for a touchscreen GPS as it is faster when it comes to selecting options compared to the buttoned model. Consider a device that can keep the battery for a longer period. Shock resistant and waterproof GPS units are better.

Go for this if you do not know how to use a compass. Carry a cell phone, although there are high chances there may be no signals in the mountains.

10. Lightweight Cooking Gear

Lightweight Cooking Gear for day hike

Dining outdoor is among the greatest pleasures of life. This calls for you to bring along stylish cookware and utensils that are lightweight. Settle for a cooler, cooker and a good choice of gas or methylated spirit fueled stove as they are light in weight.

It is important to note that there are places which prohibit the use of open fires as it poses danger to you and may cause forest fires.You will get to enjoy your meals while you relax. 

11. Backpack

hiking backpack for day hike

Selecting the appropriate hike backpack is crucial since it acts as your small mobile house for the entire adventure. Ensure it is waterproof to avoid instances where your items get soaked. Settle for the most rated and durable backpack that is designed to allow ventilation and prevents your clothes from sweating.

The capacity is crucial since it has to accommodate the items present in your checklist. Also, consider the duration of the trip. If you will have to board a plane, do enough research and know the standard size required for backpacks.

Final Thought

things to bring on day hike

Adequate preparation is crucial as it assists you to cope with diverse and unpredictable weather conditions that may come up. The clothing and gears you opt to settle for should be able to serve the purpose of the specific area you intend to visit. Failure to which, you run a high risk of getting lost, falling sick and being exposed to other risk factors.

Ensure you can be accessed by your family and they are aware of your whereabouts in case of an emergency.

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