About Me

Hi buddy! I’m Louise.. I’ve been a globetrotter since 2006 and in ten short years, I’ve managed to visit 54 countries including 64 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to see ruins, caves, forests, and reefs. I’ve also visited almost National Parks in Africa, Canada, the United States, and South America. These parks have inspired me to share my knowledge about hiking and camping, as well as the survival skills I’ve learned over the years.

During my ten years of traveling, writing and photographing, I’ve taken quick trips in cities around the world. And, I’ve been involved in expeditions that have lasted several months. Just being able to wake up and see the glorious Rocky Mountains on a daily basis keeps me motivated to share my love of hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and photographing in the wilderness around me.

My Goals for the Blog

When you visit my website, you will be able to learn from my experiences. Most of them have been positive experiences where I’ve been able to get into the wilderness and get back out again without any trouble. But, there have been others that have been more challenging. I’ve gotten lost. I’ve run out of food. I’ve had to build a fire without matches or a lighter. Through these challenges, I’ve been able to develop my personal resourcefulness.

Tips and Tricks for Your Outdoor Adventures

I’ve created this blog to offer tips and tricks so you can be safe when you leave the safe confines of the city. Our worlds are so full of cement and technology that it becomes easy to lose ourselves and where we came from. Getting outdoors away from the grind of city life can rejuvenate the soul. My goal is to get you outside so you can have a safe adventure. I hope to share the information you need to enjoy the wilderness without leaving any trace.

The skills I share are designed for adventurers of all levels. From the newest of the new to the rugged veteran, there is always something to learn about the outdoors. My tips and tricks have been personally vetted – by me – so I know they work. You can trust that my tips and tricks are easy, simple, and safe. I will never suggest that adventurers purposefully put their lives at risk.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you fill find everything that you need to get outdoors and appreciate this beautiful and awe-inspiring world that we live in.

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