Best Cold Weather Tent for One Person

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Venturing out on an adventure during the cold is not the easiest endeavor, and doing so alone makes it a lot harder, so the last thing you need is to get a tent that causes you a hassle. This is why I’ve done the research to bring you the best cold weather tents for one person that’ll enable you to enjoy every last second of your trip.

The 3 Best Cold Weather Tent for One Person in 2020

1. Geertop Backpacking Tent

The Geertop backpacking tent makes an excellent choice for a lightweight 4-season tent. It’s made of high-quality materials that are completely rainproof with checkered 210T anti-tear polyester to resist both water and abrasion.

Additionally, it sports a special coating that’s UV-resistant! Along with a PU 3000mm water-resistant finish along with the vertical design and a snow skirt, you’re guaranteed that all the snow will be kept off and rain shed quickly. Speaking of rain, it also comes with double-stitched seams that are sealed to keep the rain out and make the tent durable.

To keep you warm, cozy, and protected from the weather, the tent comes with a double layer. The inner one can be used on its own if the weather isn’t as cold, especially if you want top-notch ventilation. On the other hand, you can add the outer layer for extra privacy and protect yourself from the cold and wind.

Though this tent is advertised as a 2-person tent, it works just as well for solo travelers as it weighs 6.4 pounds, its outer layer measures 82 x 102 x 45 inches, and its inner layer measures 78 x 55 x 41 inches. It also comes with a 17.3 x 6.7-inch storage duffle bag that makes it super compact when packed.

To set up the Geertop tent, you only need a few minutes, and then you’ll enjoy a tent that keeps you warm and dry, no matter how strong the winds get or heavy the rain or even snow falls.


  • Relatively affordable for a 4-season tent
  • Keeps snow off with a vertical design and snow skirt
  • Good for hiking
  • Quick and easy setup


  • Vents are not accessible from inside
  • Comes with only two tie-downs

2. Russian-Bear Hot Tent

This tent is not made for those who are going to rely on walking or trekking during their trip. If you don’t have a car to get you to where you’re going to set it up, you should opt for something that weighs less than this 85-pound beast. Also, steer away from it if your budget isn’t that huge.

But if you can spare the money, this tent is the best cold weather tent for one person that you could possibly get. From its name, you can guess how much warmth it can provide (imagine surviving a Russian winter!) and how cozy it gets.

You can easily pop up the tent on any kind of terrain quite quickly, and while its size fits 1 to 3 people, one person wouldn’t find it too big, especially that they’d probably be packing plenty of equipment. In addition, one of its walls is expandable into a roof in front of the tent with mosquito nets, providing an excellent area that serves as a terrace or dining room.

What’s unique about the Russain-Bear is its warm wood stove that’s specially designed for the fall and winter seasons. Its heavy-duty, double-layer design contributes to how warm the tent keeps you, and the inner awning can be removed if you feel like camping in relatively warmer weather.

If you’d like to go ice fishing, you could definitely make use of the “ice screw” that serves as a place to attach the tent to. Plus, you can drill a hole in the ice and place the snow tarp atop the tent. Not to mention, the 3-layer heat-insulated floor guarantees heat retention.

To stand strong and withstand the strongest of winds, the Russian-Bear uses a frame made from aviation aluminum alloy B95T1.


  • Has a stove and chimney for cooking and heat-generation
  • Insulated floor with three layers
  • Good ventilation


  • Quite expensive
  • Super heavy

3. Snugpak The Ionosphere

If you don’t want to add any extras as a solo traveler, the Snugpak, as the name implies, is the perfect choice for compact traveling.

Its inner dimensions measure 94 x 35 x 28 inches, so it’s ideal for one person and provides enough room for gear.

It’s pretty lightweight as its packed weight is only 3.34 pounds, which is a huge difference from the Russian-Bear and considerably lighter than the Geertop. Also, it measures 19 x 5.5 inches when packed, which makes it super compact. It’s definitely the best choice for someone who’s looking for the ultimate portability during their solo trip.

Despite its portability, it’s still pretty durable and strong. It comes with DAC Featherlite NSL anodized aluminum poles that are made even sturdier with press-fit connectors, and features tape-sealed seams. Also, the two-pole system reduces condensation buildup to a minimum. And should the weather get a little too warm for you, it has No-See-Um mesh mosquito nets.

Moreover, its flysheet is made from a 210T polyester with a RipStop with 5000-millimeter waterproofing. Combine that with the windproof polyethylene coating, and you get a tent that withstands all kinds of weather.

Finally, to maintain its durability, it comes with a repair kit with a metal pole repair sleeve, a spare cord, tent guide rope tensioner, an elastic loop, and patch materials.

And by the way, you can easily pack the tent into the storage bag it comes with.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • True 4-seasons tent
  • RipStop polyester that increases durability
  • Ease setup
  • Comes with a repair kit


  • Low profile design doesn’t make it roomy
  • Stakes aren’t of highest quality
  • Could be a little small for a big person

What to Mind in a Cold Weather Tent

Not every tent can be used for every situation, especially not from the choices I’ve listed. I’ve made them all cold-oriented, but with different situations in mind. So, you have to plan out your trips before actually deciding on which tent to get.

If you’re going to be camping in Canada, Greenland, or Russia, you’ll definitely need a big and warm tent like the Russian-Bear. However, if you’re going to be backpacking, you can’t carry an 80-pound bag around. So, think about how you’ll be transporting your tent before you choose one.

Also, if you might be using the tent during other seasons, look into options whose layers could be taken off for better ventilation and breathability.


The 3 tents we’ve chosen are perfect for venturing out into the coldest hiking or camping adventures. As long as you take care of the safety precautions related to the cold weather and snow, you won’t be disappointed using any of those choices.

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