How To Clean Grill Pan? Everything There is To Know is Here

If you’re planning to grill while camping, chances are you’ll get a lot of residue in your pan. If you’re away from the comforts of your own home, you might not know how to clean your pan without a dishwasher or without a complete set of cleaning items.

It’s one thing to grill outside during your camping, but cleaning them can be a lot harder than using them.

Now, I will share with you a few tips on how to clean grill pan. These procedures will help you in your camping experience. You wouldn’t want to continue your hike with messy pans packed in your bag!

​About Grill Pans

​About Grill Pans

First of all, there are some things to consider when shopping for grill pans. If your top factor is the ease of cleaning, you have to check on the size and the material first.

For how many people are you going to cook on a daily basis? The size of the grill pan hugely depends on your answer to this question. Also, what are you planning to cook on it?

“Hardcore grilling” can take a toll on you if you use stovetop grill pans. Depending on the kind-cast iron or uncoated stainless steel-the quality of food may vary. And to top it all off, the post-cooking might require more work and effort.

There are a lot of cleaning products available in the supermarket for sure. However, there are times when these liquid soaps no longer do the work. This is particularly the case for the old and rusty grill pans.

So, if you have been keeping yours in your cabinet for far too long, you need an alternative. If you are the type to do a DIY project, the following lists will also work for you.

What You Will Need To Clean Grill Pans​

​1. Nylon Brush

Nylon Brush to Clean Grill Pan

The nylon brush is practically the best brush to use for cleaning any material. It does not brush off any coating because it is light. At the same time, it does the job of scraping a good amount of dirt from your household tools. Moreover, nylon brushes are easy to store for your camping.

Nylon brushes also vary in sizes. You can choose ones with long handles for easier brushing. There is also a cylinder-shaped brush that is good for making sure all corners of the pan is cleaned.If what you need is to reach the narrow corners, there are also toothbrush-like ones that you can use.

If you need more information about nylon brushes, bristles and the like, you may visit

2. A Good Cleaning Soap Mixture

A good cleaning soap mixture help Clean Grill Pan

There are tons of different soap or cleaning liquid recipes that are available in books and online. Mostly, these are made out of ingredients that you can find at home. I’m pretty sure that is what you would want because that is economical and it saves time.

One of the most common mixtures that have been proven to be effective is the kosher salt-water paste, according to It works primarily for cast iron grill pans. This paste makes the brushing easier and makes the stain softer to clear.

Most experienced household people use hot salt and water paste. The higher the temperature, the easier it is for the stains to melt down. Be sure to pack your soap mixture in sealed containers to avoid spills.

3. Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil

Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil

This one you will be using for when the grill pan is already cleaned up with the paste. The vegetable oil or the olive oil will lubricate the pan. This way, the pan will not only look like it is brand new but will make it work well again.

The oil will also help prevent the next food you will be grilling from sticking to the pan. That means easier cleaning next time. You may also use grease or non-stick sprays that you can find in your local grocery store.

Remember, in camping, you’d want to save space. Don’t bring an entire bottle of olive oil. Instead, transfer small amounts in a small plastic bottle.​

How To Clean Grill Pan​

How to Clean Grill Pan while camping

1. Drain The Excess Grease From The Pan

Right after you grill and cook your favorite dish on your grill pan, drain the grease or oil. The operative words here are “right after.” It is best to drain the oils when the pan is still very hot because that is when it drips.

If the grill pan, for any reason, has already gone cold, it would be best to heat it back up. And then start hoping that the oil has not accumulated much that it thickens and hardens with the sauce stains.

2. Put in The Kosher Salt

Put it in while the grill pan is hot. The cleaning effect of the salt will only take place if there is heat. Otherwise, the pan will just be salty.

If you do not have kosher salt, plain table salt will do. You will no longer have to purchase any expensive cleaning aid because your kitchen has it. Make sure you put in a reasonable amount that can cover your entire grill pan when you start scrubbing.

3. Scrub The Salt Against The Grill Pan

Do this using the nylon brush. Again, as previously mentioned, there are different sizes and shapes of nylon brush you can use. When choosing, consider the shape of your pan and the ease of reaching its corners (if there are any).

Some people use table napkin or paper towel instead. This may be a good alternative to a nylon brush if you do not have it. Just be careful, though, as it may burn your fingers. Remember that the pan should still be hot.

4. Scrub Along The Lengths of The Pan

By this, we mean that you should scrub along the lines of the pan instead of against them. That will be much easier for your hands, and that will result in a more efficient cleaning technique.

Also, so that you do not burn your hands, make sure that you turn off the heat. Do that when you think the pan is already hot enough to warm the salt.

5. Scrub All Unwanted Stains​

The scrubbing will be very tough for two reasons. First is if the pan has hardened stains. If it has been a few days since you’ve used the pan, the stains will be harder to remove. The hot salt and water mixture will still work, but only after several scrubbing.

Another possible reason is if there are food remnants stuck on the pan. If there are huge chunks that have hardened for days, you are in for tight scrubbing. Still, scrub, scrub, scrub to get all the dirt away!

6. Rinse The Pan With Water, Dry And Grease​

Rinse the pan with water, dry and grease

After getting all the stains and remnants, pour the water to rinse. Some people would like to combine the salt and water prior (like the paste I mentioned above). The water helps the salt work better in the cleaning.

After clearing everything off, dry the pan a little. And then you can start greasing it a little bit again if you need to reuse it right away.


Clean Grill Pan

So there you have a simple and easy-to-follow list of how to clean grill pan. I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial. Remember to just be patient in the scrubbing, and you will get that pan squeaky clean.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to air them out! Happy grilling!​

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