Dry Ice For Camping: The Best Way To Preserve Your Food?

Using dry ice for camping has been a thought for some campers already. But only a few have tried to use one.

Regardless of what kind of container you are using, traditional ice will melt. This phenomenon happens because regular ice is from freezing water. Dry ice is different because it came from the carbon dioxide. This substance is found in your soda and even in the air you exhale.

Unlike regular ice, dry ice turns into water when it melts.

Dry Ice for Camping

Many campers experienced that irritating moment of checking your cooler, and you touched water instead of ice. This problem is a tearjerker especially if you are on your long trip. You rely on ice to preserve the freshness of your food. But suddenly, it becomes your problem.

Using dry ice for camping is a 100% safe alternative for regular ice. There are no health risks to worry. Fishing companies are using dry ice to preserve fishes and meats which are easily rotten. Dry ice is an excellent alternative to regular ice because it is far colder--around negative 109 degrees Fahrenheit. It also doesn't liquefy, so you don't have to worry at all.

How To Use Dry Ice For Camping

How To Use Dry Ice For Camping

​Using Dry Ice For Camping

First of all, you should remind you that dry ice is far colder than regular ice. Do not put your food and drinks in a cooler that has dry ice days before camping. It will freeze them. The negative 109 degrees Fahrenheit is already past beyond freezing point.

Dry ice can last up to 24 hours. If you have suitable containers, its life span will last longer. Everything that is in the cooler will get frozen. If you have products that you intend not to freeze, do not mix them in the ice chest.

A regular dry ice has a dimension of a 10-inch square and has a weight of 10 pounds. You should consider the size of the dry ice if it can fit in your container. You can put one square of dry ice in every 15 inches of the ice container.

For longer camping time, you have to use larger ice containers or double the dry ice that you have.

Using dry ice for camping, you have to stick to your mind that things get frozen with it. Therefore, even if the dry ice sublimates, it will still take time for your goods to thaw. But that should not be a problem. As you camp outside, the heat of the sun will help you thaw that delicious food.

Way to Put The Dry Ice in The Cooler

Way to Put The Dry Ice in The Cooler

First, you can place them above the food. This method is better compared to the other one. However, some prefer to have the dry ice to be at the bottom of the ice chest for convenience purposes. It is just your preference that counts.

Make sure that removed all empty spaces with a small lump of newspapers when you use dry ice. These dead spaces can make them sublime faster.

For storage, the best one is a urethane insulated box that is three inches thick. However, there are also other approved coolers to store dry ice. Just make sure that the cooler is sturdy and have additional insulation attached to their walls. Some coolers have unique built-in features for dry ice.

In addition, we will share this one amusing trick to you: Put linings of Styrofoam inside your container to lengthen the life of dry ice!

Using dry ice for camping

Sublimation, or the process of changing the solid mass into its gas state, depends on air pressure and temperature. The thicker your container is, the longer it will last. The more dry ice you have, the longer it will serve you. Strength in numbers!

You should also take note that when you will use dry ice for camping, make sure that your cooler is vented. An airtight container can cause the dry ice to explode!

When handling dry ice, you should wear leather gloves. Remember that you are touching a material that is below freezing point. Dry ice can burn your skin. And this cold burn is as painful as being burnt by the heat! If you can, do not let your children get close into the container to prevent unwanted injuries.

Transporting Dry Ice For Camping

Transporting Dry Ice For Camping

Now that you have decided to use dry ice for camping, you should learn how to carry it. You should pick up the dry ice from its retailers the closest time that you need them. Preferably, you can pick them up on the day of your trip.

If you bring your sleeping bags, pack them near or around the cooler. Your sleeping bag has insulation on it to help the dry ice last longer.

If you put the cooler inside the vehicle and not on the trunk, make sure that there is fresh air. Somehow, it can affect your breathing. It may not be intoxicating, but it can make your breathing faster.

If your trip requires you to ride in an airplane, make sure that you have picked the dry ice to the closest departure time. Contain the dry ice in an insulated container. Many airlines will not let you carry more than two kilos of dry ice without special permission.

Dry ice will melt faster while on a flight because of lower pressure during high altitudes. Upon arriving at your destination, you can either refrigerate the remaining dry ice or add some more.


Way to Put The Dry Ice in The Cooler safe healthy

Dry ice for camping is a good idea. It is not messy, and it can preserve and refrigerate your food better than regular ice. It is safe to use with no health risks to worry.

Making your camping experience problem free is a priority. Using dry ice is an innovation that you should try for more convenience and ease.

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