Best Portable Toilet 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Many campsites are miles away from the nearest toilet, or you'd have to dig a hole to do your thing. This may be one of the little things campers dislike the most about camping.

However, since porta potties, camping has become less daunting for many people. Though you still have a lot to consider to find the best portable toilet for camping. Use this guide to help you out.

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Best Portable Toilet For Camping 2019

Thetford Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet

For a modern porta potty, the Thetford 92360 is one way to go. It has a waste capacity of 5.5 gallons and can contain 4 gallons of fresh water.

It is a portable flushing toilet that is battery-operated and can flush about 55 times via a button.

The Porta Potti Curve has different parts that are easy to separate. The top half holds the water for flushing while the bottom holds the waste.

It has a pivoting pour-out spout so you can empty and clean the tanks quickly.

It also has a toilet paper holder which can be kept when not in use. The 92360 Porta Potti is perfect for RV camping when lugging around is not necessary and when you have enough storage room.


  • The seat is comfortable and feels like a regular toilet.
  • Very modern look and features as well.
  • Easy to fill up with water, clean up, and empty.
  • It stores toilet paper which is very convenient.
  • Filled or not, it is stable.
  • The height is almost the same as a conventional toilet.


  • The flushing mechanism is battery operated so it could die.
  • It’s bulky and heavy, though it may not be an issue for car and RV camping.
  • Expensive compared to the other options.

Camco Portable Toilet

One of the top selling portable toilets is the Camco 41541 Portable Toilet. It's a 5.3-gallon toilet that works ideally for multi-day camping, hunting, or fishing trips. The top half is the flush tank which can fill up to 2.5 gallons.

The toilet is made of plastic and has a holding tank which can be detached. When empty, it only weighs around 11 pounds, but it can support a little over 300 lbs.

The toilet utilizes a bellow style pump to flush the water to the bottom section where the waste is collected. To prevent any leaks and slips, there are latches to keep the waste tank secure on the toilet.

When you need to empty the toilet, the waste tank unclips easily from the seat and water tank. Then you can pour the contents into the bathroom.​


  • Flushing system is simple and efficient.
  • This portable toilet is very lightweight, more compact, and easy to transport.
  • Odor is sealed in, and it doesn’t leak when properly connected.
  • You can use this at home or for toilet training.


  • The size might be uncomfortable for larger people.
  • The handles are not very easy to use when you need to dispose of your waste.

Reliance Products Luggable Loo

The luggable loo is one of the most basic portable toilets on the market, but also a top selling one. It’s popular for camping, boating, and hunting and often preferred because it’s inexpensive and very simple.

Reliable Products Luggable Loo is a bucket type of portable toilet that has a seat and cover that are sold separately.

It's eco-friendly, inexpensive, and lightweight, weighing only 3 pounds.

The design is easy to clean, and the disposable bags are also easy to change.​


  • The luggable loo is very light and easy to carry around.
  • It's easy to use and clean.
  • This is one of the most affordable portable toilets there is.
  • The height is pretty good and allows for easy seating and getting up.
  • It works great for disaster preparedness.


  • Not as hygienic or sanitary as the other options.
  • It doesn't contain odors very well.

Reliance Products Hassock Self-Contained Toilet

This next bucket type portable toilet is from Reliance Products, the same manufacturer as the luggable loo.

It has more features including a more comfortable seat, a toilet paper holder, and a tighter cover to seal odor.

It also has a removable inner bucket, so waste is easier to dispose of.​

 It's compatible with waste the Reliance waste bags. The Hassock weighs 5 pounds, which is about 2 lbs heavier than the luggable loo.​


  • The seat is quite comfortable.
  • The inner bucket is a very great feature.
  • It's a lightweight, portable toilet, and it's easy to use.
  • The toilet roll holder is very handy.
  • Affordability


  • The top covers the foul odor, but it is not secure or locked.
  • Always be careful not to spill the contents when you’re lifting it.

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model 268

This flushable type portable toilet has a unique box shape that is surprisingly very comfortable.

The wide seat makes it a more comfortable for bigger people and the shape makes it more stable, even when empty.

The waste tank has a capacity of 5 gallons so you can lower the number of times you need to empty it.

The odor is contained well, except of course when the valves are open when it's being flushed. The waste level and water level indicators are an easy to read and convenient.​


  • The toilet seals the waste odor pretty well.
  • The height of the bathroom and the seat are pretty comfortable.
  • You can replace the flusher.


  • The flushing lever often needs a few tugs to work.
  • The bowl is shallow compared to the other toilets.
  • A more massive tank is harder to empty and requires more effort.

​Common Types of Portable Toilets For Camping

Types of Portable Toilets

The portable toilet market has progressed a lot over the years. There are many different kinds, but below are the common types of camping.

​Bucket Toilet

The basic type of portable toilet is the bucket type. It uses a waterless system and requires you to empty it into a composting bin or a hole. It’s a compost type and will require you to dump your waste in a hole, composting bin, or in the toilet.

They are the most environment-friendly and safest option for any location. The bucket type of toilet is very basic and resembles a bucket but with a seat.

​Bucket Toilet

Chemical Portable Toilets​

​Another type of portable toilet is the chemical type. It has a base that contains liquid chemicals that break down solid waste to liquid form.

​It’s an easier option regarding cleaning up because you can just flush down the liquid form. However, they are heavier and require chemicals.

Collapsible Toilet​

A collapsible toilet is similar to another lightweight type of portable toilet. The come in different shapes and designs but it includes a seat, a waste bag, and seat legs that fold.

They are probably the most portable type because they fold into a suitcase design.

Flushable Portable Toilets​

The most advanced type of portable toilet is one that flushes. There are different sizes and offer conveniences like a full-size seat, a cover, and of course, a flushing system.

It's fine if you have an RV, a boat, or RV camping, but the weight and bulk are too much for tent camping. It weighs even more when you add the water in.

For flushable portable toilets, the waste remains at the bottom of the container until you dispose and clean it out.

What To Consider When Buying a Portable Toilet​

Purpose or kind of camping​

Purpose or kind of camping​

A portable toilet is useful when a conventional toilet is inaccessible or distant. Many campers use because it’s more sanitary, convenient, and personal.

​However, not all campers will want to lug around a portable toilet, so it’s important to consider what kind of camping or recreational activity you’ll need it for.

Extended fishing, camping, and hunting trip, and RV or trailer camping can benefit from a portable toilet. If you own a cabin, a trailer or RV, it could also be convenient.

However, for many campers, a portable toilet is too much to carry around. The need for a portable toilet depends on your plans.


Budget is a big deal in most cases. There's a wide selection of portable toilets with a price range that's also wide. It’s up to you how much you’re willing to spend and what features you are looking for.

More expensive portable toilets may have features that you may or may not care about, or they might be larger. Stick to what is essential and especially to your budget.

The cheapest kinds are the most basic ones like a bucket type. Collapsible toilets are also on the cheap side, while the flushable type is more expensive. There might be other expenses as well such as liners, chemicals, deodorizers, etc.

Size and Volume

Size and Volume Best Portable Toilet

​To pick the best size, you have to consider how many people will be using it and how long you'll be away. If you are going alone or with just one other person, a smaller toilet will suffice. It's also easier to bring.

If you are going with your family or a group, a larger volume might be better. However, you’re still going to want to empty it every day or every other day.

Size also matters if you’re counting weight and space. Smaller ones are easier to transport and to clean, while larger ones require more effort. When deciding on size, remember these things.

It also depends if you’ll be RV camping, car camping, or going on a boat trip.

Cleaning and Maintenance​

Cleaning the toilet is a big area of concern. Whether you have the composting type or chemical type, you want something that has a smooth and slippery inner surface. It makes it easier to clean and prevents waste from sticking.

For compost types, it makes the task of dumping or emptying the waste into the hole easier.

Other features​

Other features​ of Best Portable Toilet

If you don’t want the stench to fill your campsite, look for a porta potty that has an odor sealing. You should also make sure that it doesn’t leak. For flushing portable toilets, look into the flushing mechanism and how easy it is to use.

Tips on Using Portable Toilets For Camping​

  • Every camper should know that we should always leave the campsite better than we came to it. You cannot just throw waste anywhere. Make sure you know the regulations of the campsite regarding the disposal of your waste.
  • Look for toilets that have a seal that can contain odors. You can also purchase deodorizers to lessen foul odor.
  • Bring a spade to dig a hole and to cover your waste.


Finding the best portable toilet can be an overwhelming task with the many factors to consider. But once you identify the primary use and place of it, it becomes easier.

Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet


For instance, for RV camping, you can get the more expensive toilet (if it’s within your budget). When you don’t have the luxury of an RV, a more basic portable toilet like a collapsable or bucket type is more practical. The best portable toilet depends on these factors.

For RV camping, I would say that the best one is the Thetford Porta Potti. It gives a feel of a conventional toilet at home, and it’s easy to use and clean.

If you don’t have the luxury of a car or RV, the Reliance Hassock Toilet suits the job. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and easy. It also serves its purpose very well.​

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