Best Jungle Boots 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

There are many varieties of outdoor boots, each designed for a certain purpose. The kind you would use in snowcapped mountains is not the same kind that you would use in a desert.

In this article, we will talk specifically about jungle boots. There aren't many to choose from, but it's still important to know just exactly you're getting. Use this guide to help you find the best jungle boots for you.

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Best Jungle Boots 2019

Under Armour Men's Jungle Rat Military and Tactical Boot


The Under Armour Jungle Rat is a great pair of soldiers or civilians alike. They are one of the best for jungle hikes because of the height, support, and the protection. It uses both leather, and 900D nylon fabric makes the upper portion soft and light.

The soles are a low-profile lug that enhances traction, and the 8-inch height offers a lot of ankle support.

The Jungle Rat has a quick-dry design, with medial side drainage vents that allow water to flow out fast. It also has DWR (durable water repellent) finish to help keep the shoes dry in the first place.

To help prevent foul odor, the boots are equipped with anti-microbial sock liners.These boots come in desert sand, black, timber, and coyote brown colors.


  • Supportive, light, and breathable.
  • Protective and sturdy.
  • Drainage vents help the insides of your boots and your feet dry fast.


  • The shoelace could be better and stronger. The length is good, but it feels like they could snap.

SHOE ARTISTS COMBAT Jungle Boot Men in Black


These jungle boots are a classic design for the military. They're the kinds that were used in combat during World War II. It uses high-quality leather with durable rubber outsoles. It also features drainage holes to rid of moisture and promote cooling and quick drying.

Though they are meant for combat in jungles, these boots are often considered for jungle hiking too. It offers ankle support, great traction, and is quick-drying.


  • They are very inexpensive.
  • It keeps the feet nice and dry. The vented holes promote ventilation and drains any moisture.
  • They’re very light


  • It comes in full sizes only. If you need a half size, just order the next larger full size.
  • It's quite stiff and rough on the heels.
  • It may leave black marks on wooden floors and tiles.

Rocky C5C Commercial Military Boot


Generally, these are designed for military use, particularly combat operations. However, they're also great for jungle hiking purposes.

The boots offer excellent traction, great ankle support, moisture-wicking interiors, and lightweight materials.


  • The speed lace eyelets are convenient.
  • Very light.
  • Well-ventilated and comfortable; your feet won't get too hot inside.
  • They are stylish with desert tan color.
  • They’re great for industrial work too.


  • May require breaking in. It also gets uncomfortable after a few hours of hiking.

​What Are Jungle Boots?

What are Best Jungle Boots

Jungle boots are a form of military boots that are meant to adapt to the bush or hot, wet, and humid places.

​This type of boot was needed during WWII when soldiers operating in the jungles realized how uncomfortable, inconvenient, and impractical their full leather boots were.

To address the issue, the US military designed boots that allow water and sweat to pass through, and at the same time, protect the feet.

Though jungle boots were made for the military, they've also made their way to civilian users.

Many industrial workers, hikers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts opt for jungle boots because of the comfort, durability, and protection they offer. There are also many hiking boots that are designed like jungle boots for their advantages.​

Jungle Boots vs. Tactical Boots​

Jungle Boots vs. Tactical Boots

Jungle Boots also referred to as combat boots, are very similar to tactical boots. However, jungle boots are made to withstand tougher situations such as rough terrains, extreme weather conditions, and falling debris.

They can do more heavy duty work than tactical boots, which are usually thinner and made of black leather. Tactical boots are also softer and lighter in construction, with only one sole.

You might be able to find boots that employ features from both tactical and jungle boots. Before going into detail with the features of the boots, make sure you first identify what you'll use them for.

Remember that jungle boots are ideal for outdoor use while tactical boots are perfect for those who won't be facing harsh terrains.

Factors to Consider When Buying Boots for Jungle Hiking

The kind of shoes you wear for hiking are crucial are dependent on a few factors, like where you are hiking. In jungles, going through puddles and water forms are very likely. Thus, jungle boots were designed to allow water to flow through while still protecting the feet.


 Best Jungle Boots Comfort

Comfort can only be determined by the person wearing the boots, but a lot of factors affect this criterion. It's always better to try a pair before you purchase, but even then, you won't know how comfortable they are until you use them for hiking.

The fit is one of the main things you should assess for comfort. To ensure a proper fit, make sure the toe cap has a little wiggle room for your toes, even with socks.

You should also make sure that your heels don't slide up and down or front and back while you walk. A great fit is a little snug but not tight.

Another important factor that affects comfort is the boot's ability to keep your feet cool and dry. The boots should have vents for water to exit because when you're hiking in the jungle or somewhere wet, you will get wet.

Otherwise, you'll be hiking with soaked socks and feet, which will be very uncomfortable.


In most cases and especially for hiking, light shoes are ideal. However, some boots are heavier for certain reasons. For instance, jungle boots are not exactly meant to be light.

They're intentionally heavier to accentuate the lower leg assurance, stability, durability, and dependability.

Whether you opt for traditional hiking boots or jungle boots, the key is finding the right weight. If they feel too heavy, then they are probably too heavy. Walk around in them to see how they feel.


Best Jungle Boots Waterproof

The boot's waterproof ability is a factor that affects comfort and protection. You have to keep in mind that when your feet remain wet, it’s more prone to bacteria/fungal growth, as well as skin break.

Decent boots have breathable and waterproof linings. Another feature that affects water resistance is a gusseted tongue. It prevents water, rocks, and other debris from entering the boots.

​Hiking in the jungle will most likely entail getting wet, so you should look waterproof ability in your boots.

Jungle boots have some water repellent properties, but they’re not usually waterproof. Instead, they have drainage vents to help keep your feet dry faster.

Stability and Support​

For comfort and safety, it’s important to have great ankle support from your boots. This is one of the advantages of jungle boots over traditional hiking footwear. Whether they are full cut or mid-height, they lower the chances of twisted ankles.


Best Jungle Boots Footing Traction

The bottom of the shoes should have an excellent grip on different surfaces and terrains. Traction and footing are crucial, especially in jungles where there are plenty of wet rocks, mud, and irregular surfaces.


Best Jungle Boots Durability

Considering the nature of their use, durability is something you'll want to look into. In the long run, they will wear and tear. But the keywords there are "long run."

A lot of factors affect the durability of jungle boots, and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The main ones are materials use and the construction.


right qualities suitable for swampy

For hikes through a jungle, you can choose tradition hiking boots or jungle boots. You’ll need something that offers great ankle support, protection from debris, waterproof ability or something that prevents your feet from staying wet.

In jungle boots, this would be the drainage vents. You should also make sure the fit is nice and snug, but not tight, and the soles offer excellent traction for both wet and dry surfaces.

For me, the best jungle boots for hiking would be Under Armour’s Jungle Rat. They have just the right qualities suitable for swampy, wet, and muddy jungles. However, you can use them for other terrains as well. Finally, they’re also perfect for industrial purposes.

I hope this helps you find the perfect boots for jungle hikes. However, it’s still best if you check the shoes out yourself and try them out.​

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