How to Clean a Nalgene Bottle: 3 Effective Ways

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A Nalgene bottle is handy to carry and use. However, you need to make sure that you clean it after a few uses. Carrying this bottle is one of the most practical ways to make sure you receive the right amount of water 24/7. However, a Nalgene bottle will need cleaning on a daily basis to avoid the growth of bacteria and the development of odors.

Usually, you can wash the container using dish soap. Also, you can place it in the dishwasher directly. If you notice the terrible odor or sticky residue from the bottle, you may even need baking soda to fight the foul smell. Remember that molds may grow from these bottles if you keep them unattended. With that, you should make sure that you have bleach stocked in your house to prevent the molds from spreading.

So, here’s a complete guide on how to clean a Nalgene bottle. Luckily, by taking these steps for cleaning the bottle one may help protect the integrity of the water container. Plus, these ways will make sure that you will extend the usage of your investment.

3 Ways to Clean a Nalgene Bottle

Here are some strategies to follow to clean a Nalgene bottle:

#1: Wash the Bottle with Dish Soap

You have to add a little amount of the dish soap to the Nalgene bottle. Then, put water into it. Shake the container to produce soap suds, and get a cleaning sponge or brush to scrub the water bottle intensely on parts you cannot reach. Rinse it until you the suds are no longer present.

Make sure that you use a little bit of dish soap only, especially you want to take care of the integrity of the bottle. If you are in doubt, you can just put lemon juice instead. Also, if you want to wipe the exterior of the container, you may do so. But, you have to use a soft brush or sponge.

Then, you have to wipe down the threads around the top of the container using a soapy sponge. Next, wipe around the cap with your sponge or brush and ensure that you clean every corner of the cap. If this is hard for you, you can get a cotton swab to reach every side. Rinse these parts with running water.

You may dry the Nalgene bottle using a drying rack and put it upside down. That will help the water in draining while you let the air dry the interior of the container. If you do not have a drying rack, you can just wipe the bottle down and let it dry for a few minutes.

If you want to disinfect the container, you have to buy bottle cleaning tablets. These are tools to clean your bottle while on a camping or hiking trip. All you have to do is to fill it with water and put the table in it. Leave it there for an hour before you rinse and dry the bottle.

Also, another great way to dry the bottle is to place it in the dishwasher. But, you need to keep the cap and the container on top of the rack away from direct heat. That will avoid the bottle from melting.

#2: Remove Stains and Odors

You have to put baking soda in the Nalgene bottle to get rid of unwanted stains and odors. Baking soda helps remove foul smells and stains from the container. It is essential if your bottle has a sticky residue on it. So, get ¼ cup of the powder and place it into the water container.

Add at least 1/8 cup of hot or warm water and place it into the bottle. You may use hot tap water, but do not ever use a boiling water because it can damage your container. Put the cap back on the Nalgene bottle and shake the solution carefully. That will make sure that the baking soda spreads all throughout each corner.

Lastly, fill the container with clean water and dump out the residue. Continuously do this until there is no baking soda left in the bottle. Once rinsed thoroughly, leave it on a drying rack for several minutes.

#3: Eliminate Molds

What you have to do is to put a small amount of bleach. It can help kill the molds that may start growing in the Nalgene bottle. You have to get at least half a teaspoon of the solution and put it in the container. Then, add cold water to facilitate the cleaning of the bleach more efficiently than warm water. Place water in the Nalgene bottle up to the top and shake it to combine the solution.

If the mold is already scattering inside, you may want to set the soak the solution overnight. Put the scrap on and leave it there until the next day. Sometimes, just soaking the solution 24/7 won’t do the trick. So, you need to scrub the molds away. You need to place a brush in the Nalgene bottle. Scrub the parts where there are molds.

Last but not the least, pour out the solution and rinse it with water. If you think that you can ingest it, you may want to clean it all over again. Also, you may try putting it in the dishwasher. Let it dry for a while before you reuse the Nalgene bottle.

The Bottom Line

You may think that just water and soap will do the trick in cleaning the Nalgene bottle, but this is not the case. If you find yourself cleaning a bottle that sat there for a long time, it may produce a stain and foul smell. So, you may need other agents like baking soda and bleach to help clean the container completely.

When you keep your Nalgene bottle clean, it will make sure that you are away from bacteria and any other harmful microorganisms. So, take care of the rancid smell and stain as early as possible. Good luck with the cleaning!

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