9 Amazing Tips on Camping in a Minivan That Will Make it Unforgettable

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What comes into your mind whenever you think of camping in a minivan? Some imagine having a well-designed professional camping van while others see images of an old vehicle that has a mattress at the back.

If the thought of taking a family vacation has crossed your mind, then this is the time to go out there and explore your dreams with a roadmap to the destination of your choice.

The amazing thing about van camping is that you only need to have an adventurous heart and your van. This article provides an elaborate solution to the newbies in the camping world.

1. Buying or Renting a Camping Minivan

It may seem easy to make the decision of what to settle for when purchasing a camping van. It is definitely not the case, as you need to test a number of things before setting out for the trip. A test drive of the vehicle will have a lot to say.

Definitely, it will be costly if you opt to rent considering the duration of time you intend to spend. Buying a vehicle would be advisable for the camper who regularly goes for camping, as it will be a one off expense that is an investment as well. The option of purchasing needs to be given the seriousness it deserves.

This calls for you to shop for vehicles that are on sale and can fit your budget. Ensure you identify exactly what you need before making the final decision of purchasing the vehicle.

2. Pre-trip Planning

For your trip to be interesting and unforgettable, you definitely have to plan and organize every single aspect you intend to include. Planning ahead prevents you from under or over-budgeting. The space in the vehicle is limited, this means that you should downsize on the food, clothes, and other items you want to carry along.

Know the condition of the place you intend to visit first, then make arrangements on the basis of the information you have acquired. If you are going for mountain climbing, and you are sure of the duration you will take, then you need to carry enough garments and food that will last the period you will be away.

3. Car Camping Tent

Settling for an appropriate car camping tent is essential in many ways. A wrong choice may make the trip less comfortable. You have to bear in mind the number of people it will be accommodating, the location you intend to use the tent, ease of use, weight of the tent etc.

The purpose of the tent is to keep you warm and sheltered while protecting your valuable items.

4. Long Distance Trip

Just as any long-distance trip, ascertain that the minivan is in perfect condition before you set out for the adventure. For whichever maintenance the vehicle needs, ensure you take care of it beforehand. If you intend to rent the van, ensure you make reservations earlier in advance.

Making a reservation during the peak vacation period will only make it difficult for you to get a good offer.

5. Sleeping quarters

Minivans make really good and comfortable sleeping quarters if at all you are avoiding the tent. For those who don’t want to lie down in a sleeping bag, this may be a good idea to take up. You can make a purchase of comfortable, inflammable and waterproof mattress that will serve the purpose of a comfortable sleeping area.

A good idea would be to pack your items and place them evenly, thus creating a convenient platform for a mattress that is inflatable at the back of the minivan.

6. Convenience

Minivans serve many purposes, they are far more useful than for just taking your dog to the park or taking kids to school. The capacity they can hold is adequate for a camping trip. They also have an efficient gas mileage that makes them very attractive when it comes to camping trips.

You just have to fuel the tank and ensure it is enough for the entire trip. If the area you will be visiting has gas stations, you can as well make stopovers for refueling.

7. Safety

While sleeping in the comfort of your vehicle, ensure you have your keys within reach. When sleeping in your car, you are exposed to a large extent. Regardless of how safe you may feel or where you are, ensure you keep them near you.

It is highly advisable to keep or store them somewhere that is out of reach from any person who may pose danger.

8. Cooking Accessories

For the cooking accessories, ensure you have the required lightweight utensils, cutlery, and crockery. A pressure cooker is also crucial after a long day drive; you just want to have your meal ready in time, hence this acts as a life saver. Buy the plastic sealed containers, which you will use to store food as pets can at times be a nuisance if the food is not well covered and stored.

There is a wide range of electronic pressure cookers available in the market. However, most Minivan’s campers prefer to use the stove.

9. Vans Air-conditioner

The experienced long-term van campers insist on having a good vehicle’s air conditioner. It greatly depends on the location you will be camping. There are places where the heat can be overwhelming. For long trips, an air conditioner will be a luxury you do not want to miss out.

If you are renting a van, then settle for the one with a good functional air conditioner.

Final Thought

Once you have managed to make your trip worthwhile, it is crucial that you make it unforgettable as well. By the end of the trip you would have made friends who have the same interest in van camping as you do. This will allow you to interact and exchange your experiences and stories.

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