Things Need To Know About Winton Woods Campground

Camping is an exciting fun activity that lets you enjoy the nature, may it be alone, with friends, or even with family. There are private campgrounds like Winton woods Campground and privately owned by those who encourage outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy Mother Nature with them.

When done correctly, camping could be a nice experience. When we heard of camping, there are two kinds of camping styles the come to our mind: Tent camping and cabin camping. So, what’s the difference of these two? Let’s see…

Tent Camping

tent camping in Winton Woods Campground

Tent camping is the most common camping style and possibly known to be the camping pioneer. There are different tents you can buy which range in different prices and materials. There are even tents that are divided into multiple rooms which give you privacy from other people staying in and can you believe that there are even soundproof tents now?

The big problem about tents, however, is the insulation as you can control the heat of cold that comes in. But with tent camping, you’ll feel closer to nature. For that reason, more people choose this camping style. Carrying a tent is also very convenient as it is normally light and compact.

Cabin Camping

cabin camping in Winton Woods Campground

For those who are into convenience, cabin camping is a good option. The affordable cost of these cabins is also one of the reasons as to why it’s getting more and more popular these days.

There are some forms and styles of portable camping cabins which range from smaller than a hundred square feet to a lot bigger in size having different facilities and amenities like home too.

There are also fold out style cabins that are constructed just as craggy as those prefab cabins. Building your own is also possible. But why not simply buy a trailer camper? You may ask…

Well, that’s a great question. That’s because portable camping cabins are normally used in a more rough terrain and are able to handle severe foundations of the weather better than the typical camper trailer.

This camping style is getting more and more popular for people who are into fishing and hunting sports popular in undeveloped parts of the region. They are able to pack great more gears and amenities for stays that last for many days.

These two styles of camping were only a quick look at some of the best camping style you can do at Winton Woods Campground. It’s up to you which camping style you prefer but I am sure that whichever style you choose, you will have a great time.

Why Is It a Perfect Camping Getaway?

Perfect Camping Getaway in Winton Woods Campground

If you are searching a good weekend getaway, you should definitely consider spending some time at Winton Woods Campground. Situated only 20 minutes north of Cincinnati, this campsite is a perfect place for a quick camp getaway. The campsite has cemented roads and the hook-up sites were also cemented.

There are some sites intended for little campers and pop-ups have to grit. You can find are some waterside locations. The campsite is located in a place with big pine trees that provides you with good shade when the sun is out. The camping area is clean and well-maintained.

There’s a camp host on-site and a camp shop where you can get your supplies, snacks, and others. Firewood is kept in a shack and comes bagged to make it more convenient for you.

Affordable Camping Experience

Affordable Camping Experience in Winton Woods Campground

There are 25 RV in sites which provide you with a grit pad with a courtyard. This runs for only $38.50 a night. There are an extra 12 pull-through sites which offer a concrete pad, and they cost $48.50 per night. All the RV spots are offering full hookups to water, electricity, and sewage.

If camping with a tent is something you are more interested about, there are 68 tents available for only $28.50 per night. All of these option a fire ring and picnic tables.

Every weekend in the month of October, Winton Woods Campground ends the season and offers the “Halloween Creepy Campout.” This annual event is ideal for the entire family, this fun event features hayrides, trick-or-treating, and storytelling. You can also join contests for the most beautiful Jack-o’-Lantern and best-adorned base camp.

With the close vicinity to Cincinnati, Winton Woods Campground is a nice place to spend a weekend RV trip. If you’re into boating, this place is perfect, and the campground amenities offers make it perfect for a family getaway.

The Campsite’s Facilities

Campsite’s Facilities in Winton Woods Campground

The Winton Woods Campground is one of the most beautiful in the region of Cincinnati. It’s located right on the lake, which makes this a really scenic place to camp. There’s a kayak ramp or fishing dock located in the campsite.

The campsite has 123 sites, a picnic table, all with electric, and a fire ring. If you’re not into camping with a tent then you’re lucky as there are 8 deluxe cabins which allow you to revel in nature all the rage.

The new cabins can accommodate 6 people and equip with a bathroom, kitchen, heater, a television, a wood deck, and of course, a picturesque view. There are also 10 basic cabins that can accommodate up to 5 people.

They renovated the campground and added a lot of paved pads designated for RV parking. There are 12 pull-through sites with full hook-up and 25 more RVs. There’s a brand new camping area office which also has a store with a snack bar. You may see that it has enclosed tables on the front of the porch where you could simply relax and enjoy all day long.

But if you are more physically active kind of person, you’d be very happy to know that Winton Woods Campground offers many outdoor exciting activities. Starting from the 64-hectar lake directly to the long walking trails, Winton Woods Campground is going to let you enjoy all the facility can offer. There is a boathouse rents boats, canoes, paddle boats, and kayaks.


camping trip in Winton Woods Campground

Make sure that you check out Winton Woods Campground for your following camping trip. It is one of the most favorite camping spots of people in the area, so you’d thank us for suggesting this place.

Where is your favorite camping site? Let us know in the comment below!

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