What Do You Need For Camping? 17 Amazing Gear that will Make Your Camping Awesome

Tents, ropes, camping knives, hatchet and fire starters or see more here – these are the primary things you need on a camping trip. While some rely on their skills to survive their days in the woods, some of us want to enjoy the nature without too much hassle. But what do you need for camping if you are like me who still chooses to have the ease of life while exploring the nature?

Here are 17 camping gears that would help you throughout your trip:

1. Solar Charger

Solar Charger need for camping

Solar charger for your battery powered gadgets. So you ditched your old-school map and said hello to GPS? I’m sure you will also not allow yourself to go without your smartphone. A solar charger can keep you away from the troubles of having a gadget with an empty battery.

With this charger, you can go and explore more without worrying that you might get lost, and you can update your friends with your daily adventure. Just make sure you have enough sunlight to power the charger as fast as possible.

2. Campfire in a Can

Campfire in a Can need for camping

Campfire in a Can provides an awesome fire pit in no time. This canned fire pit is almost the same size as a bass drum that fits easily in the boot of a car. It also has all you need for cooking and heating. Use charcoal if you want to grill some meat and put some woods afterward for a perfect bonfire.

It is also designed to spread the heat around the pit, unlike traditional fire pits that only send the heat upwards. No woods? No worries! You can also use propane for an instant flame. This is perfect for beaches and campsites that do not require long hikes. The fire can be extinguished by just closing the lid of the can.

3. Hiking Pole

Hiking Pole  need for camping

A multi-purpose hiking pole will help you get to where you are going and will still help you once you get there. The Zubin Axe hiking pole can make your life easier as you do not have to pack multiple tools as this pole can turn into an axe and a saw that you will need to cut and clear woods.

It can even turn into a fishing spear, a dual-edged spear or a slingshot for hunting. It is described as a “multi-tool survival staff.” Each tool is made from high-quality stainless steel that can withstand tough jobs.

4. Camping Lamp

Camping Lamp need for camping

Wishing for a camping lamp that will last a few weeks without charging or replacing its battery? eGear grants your wish with its 30 Day lantern! Coming from its name, this lamp literally last up to 30 days of uninterruptable bright light by just using a single set of batteries!

You can now enjoy reading books inside your tent and never will worry about having dark nights in a campsite again.

5. Pocket Blanket

pocket blanket need for camping

So you have packed everything and there is no room for a single picnic blanket. The Matador Pocket Blanket solves the problem! This 55 x 44 inches blanket can fold smaller than your wallet.

Designed for outdoor use, it is waterproof and puncture resistant so you can rest assured that your picnic will never be ‘messy even if you are on a wet surface. It also has weighted corners; you do not have to worry about wind blowing it off easily.

6. Portable Solar Stove

 Portable Solar Stove need for camping

Can you possibly cook outdoors without a fire or electricity? With this portable solar stove called GoSun, it is possible! It is designed to retain heat from the sun to cook large portion of food which is enough to feed six people.

It can bake, fry, roast, steam, and boil. It comes with a battery that allows you to cook even at night. Imagine if this stove reaches the developing countries where people have to gather woods to cook their food, it will be a great relief!

7. A Cup of Coffee

Nothing is better than a cup of coffee while enjoying the beauty of the nature on a camping trip. Instant coffee? Nope, brewed! Yes, you can have your favorite brewed coffee even in the middle of nowhere with Stanley Mountain Coffee System!

Just add water and the ground coffee and that’s it. It is designed to make two cups of coffee and has dry storage for coffee grounds. This thermos can keep your beverage warm up to 24 hours. It can also keep cold drinks cold for 20 hours and iced drinks chilled for 100 hours.

8. A Foldable Table

How can you enjoy your meal if you are not eating comfortably? You will never suffer from this problem ever again if you have a foldable table! The ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse is a 27" x 26" table that is very sturdy that has two levels with organizer pocket and cup holders for more space. It is easy to set up and easy to put back to its carrying bag.

9. Reflective Rope

reflective rope need for camping

Never trip on the rope of your tent again with Nite Ize Reflective Rope! It is made from high-quality nylon with reflective strip woven right into the rope. Aside from using it as a tent line, it is also designed to use for tying up boats. It can also be used as markings so you won’t get lost while hiking at night.

10. UV Water Purifier

The CamelBak All Clear Bottle kills bacterias in water from rivers or taps in a matter of 60 seconds! Using its UV purification system the bottle guarantees to turn a tap to potable drinking water. Just put the water into the bottle, turn on its UV cap and shake it for a minute. Its battery is good for 80 cycles in one charging.

11. Ready Fuel 

Ready Fuel eases the pain of starting a fire. Forget about your bottle of gasoline or lighter fluid with this gel that ignites quickly. Ready Fuel burns in high temperature, it can boil a cup of water in just five minutes! The gel provides fire that can last up to 20 minutes and it is environment-friendly.

12. Indoor Heater

Indoor Heater need for camping

The indoor heating system would be a wise choice if you are expecting a really cold night during your camping trip. Make your tent warm and comfortable without worrying much about the fire to spread outside your tent.

13. Hydration Backpack

Hydration Backpack need for camping

A hydration backpack will definitely be a life saver if you need to hike some distance to reach the campsite. A skilled camper might look for trees or shrubs that produce water to drink if there is no river nearby while you just have to reach for the straw of your hydration backpack. Sweet! 

14. Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Pad need for camping

Get a sleeping pad for a good night sleep. Just because you are in a camp does not mean that you need to sacrifice a comfortable sleep. Nobody wants some back pains after a long and exciting trip.

15. Enclosed Camping Shower

An enclosed camping shower is perfect if your shower time is “me time.” Some campsites do not offer a bathroom and there are campers that are just not comfortable taking a bath in front of some people, so this gear is a heaven’s gift!

16. KettleCharge

How about charging your phone while boiling some water? KettleCharge boils your water while charging your phone at the same time by turning heat into energy! A camping must have if you feel that the season will not be friendly to your solar charger.

17. Inflatable Tent

Inflatable Tent need for camping

The inflatable tent is easier than the traditional tents that are almost a puzzle and hard to set up. A single person can set up and pack up this inflatable tent in just 10 minutes!

We go on camping to have fun and enjoy the nature, but not all campers have the same skills and preferred to be as comfortable as possible even in the middle of the forest. These camping gears would be very helpful especially if you are a beginner or you are camping with your kids.​

If you enjoy this list, post your comments and tell us what do you need for camping!​

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