Top 25 Hiking Blogs You Need To Be Bookmarking Now

It’s so easy to get lost in the web whenever you’re in a hunt for pertinent information about anything that might interest you. While most of the information you’d get are truly fascinating, some of them fall short in terms of credibility and reliability. And if you’re a self-proclaimed beginner, things could go worse for you if you’re not that careful.

This very same logic applies for hikers who may have just jumped into the bandwagon. This article should serve you a streamlined list of the renowned blogs about hiking.

I have narrowed down 25 blogs that are now frequently visited by most hikers, newbies and seasoned ones alike:

Hiking Blogs Medal

Section Hiker

section hiker

Whenever you’re dealing with some dilemmas on hiking and backpacking, the platform from SectionHiker might very well be the haven you’re looking for. Geared towards helping both the experts and the beginners in terms of hiking and backpacking, the site also offers gear recommendations and reviews. Some of these gears comprise of clothes and footwear, sleeping bags, quilt, sleeping pads, stoves, cookware, tent, hammocks, and wilderness navigation.

This site should suit the needs of those who are still new in the backpacking business as it has this massive trove of information. These information concentrate on backpacking skills that all service to basic camping, gear repair and maintenance, and clothes and layering.

The Trek​

The trek

There is a viable reason as to why this hikers’ site is frequently visited. Most of its entries are generated by the personal journeys that were undertaken by the hikers. And with more than a hundred current thru-hikers who are writing for this platform regarding their adventures, it’s not that hard to be lured into it.

Formerly known as the Appalachian Trial, The Trek is currently helping future hikers by delivering helpful pieces of advice on which gears to buy, how to save money while on the trail or how to ward yourself off from injuries.

Other inclusions are the site’s aim to celebrate its users’ long trails, long distance backpacking, along with the hiker trash community and its go-to source for the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, the thru-hiking and the long-distance backpacking at large.

Hiking Forward​


This dedicated website about a father-slash-husband-slash-hiker is both personal and inspirational. The author who is also an Eagle Scout, entertains his readers with some of his most adventurous experiences on hiking. The entire page is also a voluminous source of information that is related to gear reviews, trails and other outdoor news that might pique the interest of beginners.

Hiking Forward is living on a mantra of “get busy living or get busy dying”. Meanwhile, this goal is currently being shared by his daughters who also happen to adore outdoors as well (hint, hint!). Adorably enough, the author uses his daughters for his newly-reviewed gears for his readers and other aspiring parents of soon-to-be young hikers.

Hike it Baby​


This child-friendly hiking website focuses on connecting families to one another as they gear up their children from birth to school age. Essentially, it targets a generation that doesn’t only appreciate outdoors but also respects its nature while inspiring self-care and develop a community that is without judgment and ultimately, doesn’t leave any hiker behind.

It currently has over 300 Hike it Baby branches with associated families that already accumulated to 180,000. Its members’ donations are evidently aiding programs that support more families on trails locally on its city and improve the content in its blog, newsletter, and videos among others.

Hiking with Barry


Hiking with barry

Whenever you finally get that need to get out there and enjoy outdoors or just strapping yourself for your first hike, this blog should really inspire you. It is dubbed as a diary of personal wilderness and urban hiking experiences that also include personal photographs that might get your ball rolling.

Some of its more popular posts include numerous, easy and great hikes along the Kananaskis Trail, Waterton Lakes National Park, and Calgary. It also has categories that featured hiking in various locations such as Arizona, Canmore, Ghost Town and the Glacier National Park in Montana.

Hiking The Trail


Hiking the trail

Equipped with entertaining trip reports, worthwhile travel, gear reviews, and tips, the was initially an online journal that chronicled Adam Nutting’s preparation for and hiking the Appalachian Trail back in 2013. Now, the author has utilized this platform as a way to open up many doors to new opportunities such as the annual Hell Hike and Raft adventure.

Nutting’s painstaking passion on sharing his love for hiking has paved way for the founding of Epic Social Adventures that is shared with’s Scott Gavin. Nutting is also noted for his work with the Sierra Trading Post and Sport Chalet as an ambassador.

Bikes and Hikes LA​

Bikes and Hikes LA

If you’re residing in Los Angeles and is in a deep mood of exploring apart from just driving past it, the Bikes and Hikes LA site should serve this need quite well. The platform specializes in Los Angeles biking and hiking tours for individuals. Meanwhile, it also features the county’s group tour options for its corporate clients along with social organizations, incentive travel, school groups, and families and friends.

Not just for Angelinos themselves, the site also caters to hikers who travel far distances just to visit the county’s greenest and most eco-friendly offerings. And while they’re there, a good set of exercises plus the prized sunshine await!

The Traveling Fool

the traveling fool

This site is clearly dedicated to those seasoned hikers who are still looking for these “untraveled” places in the most famous of locations. According to the The Travelling Fool’s author Bob Bales, his advocacy is generated by a travel that is off the tourist path. A person that is all travel and jest, Bales is evidently a person who is devoted to this particular endeavor and plans to echo this to all his readers.

These renowned places range from the most historic and cultural locations along with locales that brim of the nicest cuisines and shops that may not have been discovered yet.

Trek Tech

Trek tech

All your questions about your prized hiking gears should be answered in the Trek Tech site. Initially operating as a gear-assessing column for the newspaper of Northern California’s Redding Record Searchlight, it now has branched into an even wider web presence that focuses on gears while encouraging its readers to explore the big world out there.

The website also asks its readers to submit whatever queries they have in regards to any specific piece of gear — a feature that effective translates one of the platform’s agendas, which is essential to dish out an unbiased review on gears that deserve to be more interested in as opposed to equipment that might be just less than your run of the mill add-ons.

The Hiking Life

the hiking life

When you attempt to combine hiking and travel quite seriously, you get The Hiking Life. The site with its author Cam “Swami” Honan promises a platform that provided tips that include trip planning, lightweight backpacking techniques and whenever you feel the need to beef up your wilderness skill set.

Also, photos are spread across it numerous trekking entries that are generated from many of the world’s great hikes — with under that sole mission to inspire and enable would-be hikers to go on backpacking.

Andrew Skurka

Andrew Skurka

No. This site isn’t about the noted Andrew Skurka and his accomplishments. It’s essentially created to share his voluminous amount of experiences in regards to his solo long-distance backpacking trips, his skiing, and packrafting. During these processes, his site intends to further his help in defining the light-and-fast backcountry travel along with his regimen and set of warm ups and exercises on and off the trail.

More significantly, Skurka hopes to outpace his, award by his aim to tell the would-be and seasoned hikers that stepping outside their comfort zone while learning about themselves are some of the most important skill set one must muster.

American Hiking Society

American hiking society

It’s no wonder why almost all hikers a flocking into this site. The American Hiking Society is the only national organization that works for the promotion and protection of foot trails along with their surrounding natural areas and the hiking experience of course. The site currently represents millions of hikers who are committed to places to hike and that working belief that the preservation of hiking trails and their environments are crucial for future generation.

The website is known for its provision of critical resources to help the hikers plan, fund and develop trails. Moreover, it caters resources to the public in regards to where and is dedicated to exposing the joy of hiking to everyone.

Modern Hiker

Modern hiker

Modern Hiker should serve as your go-to site whenever you’re in a hunt for reliable information on in-depth trail reports, authentic gear reviews, and the platform’s outdoor journalism. All of these are currently serving countless adventurers as they respect for even newer trails and experiences across the globe and even just in their backyards.

Consistently ranked as one of the most-read hiking website along with the West Coast, Modern Hiker has also broken regional and national news with its comprehensive coverage in its trails from Colorado to Hawaii and Mexico all the way to the Canadian Rockies. Meanwhile, its writers are also some of the seasoned in the world of outdoors.

Trail Journals

Trail jounals

Imagine if hiking meets “Instagram” and “Evernote” along the road. Are you done capturing that image? When you do, you must be seeing Trail Journals. It has an amalgamation of 521 thousand journal entries and a staggering 1 million photographs that were taken through chronicles experiences of more than 20,000 hikers. Trail Journals should suit your needs of reading adventurous journals and getting in the loop of camping and its gears.

The “Journals” also offers the insights and reflections of its seasoned and fresh hikers — culminating into a message about the understanding of realities of long-distance hiking while the new readers plan their adventures.



Another LA-centric blog in our entries, Hikespeak is a website that aims to be the hikers’ online place for the outdoors. The page also caters to those who happen to aspire in upping their discoveries on hiking trails. Currently, it has write-ups for over 600 trails that go from Arcadia all the way to the well-sought Tasmania. Moreover, it provides information on campgrounds along with other outdoor attractions.

It’s currently being managed by Seth Smigelski who is notorious for his love of hiking while being a photographer at the same time. Smigelski has personally experienced the mentioned number of trails. He has also written and photographed these respectively.

Hiking In Finland

Hiking in finland

Inspired by the many noteworthy outdoor blogs before, Hiking in Finland’s author Hendrik Morkel dedicates this platform to his fellows in his country. Mainly, he aims to bring about the pertinent information to backpackers, climbers, skiers, cyclists, and packrafters in their respective hobbies.

The site also features Morkel’s adventures in Finland, Sweden, Norway and across the globe as he delivers some on-point reviews on gears that include videos and accompanying interviews. The author can be currently seen along with his writings and photographs in noted news outlets such as Climb, Mountain Pro, and Adventure Travel.

The Big Outside

The big outside

Created by Michael Lanza, The Big Outside hopes to offer stories, photos, along with trip-planning advice on America’s and the globe’s notable outdoor adventures — some of these are even viable for families. The written stories are based on Lanza’s knowledge as these experiences were all endured by himself.

The Big Outside is also leading in terms of the identification, planning, and writing of the worthwhile hiking trips. With this hallmark, the site has been touted by many as one of the leading sites in this respect. Some of these include a spot on USA Today’s Readers Choice List of Top 10 Hiking and Outdoors Bloggers back in 2014.

Best Hike

Best Hike

​As its title implies, is crafted to infinitely deliver the best hikes there are globally. According to the site, these hikes, tramps, and treks are life-changing and that these should be cataloged in the most intimate and personable of ways. Meanwhile, most of its recommended hikes are challenge-worthy and multi-day adventures.

The site also includes its day hikes that encompass the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand and the Zion Narrows in the US. Its hikes in Asia, Africa, Australasia, Europe, North America, and South America are also included.

Hiking in The Smokys

Hiking in the smokys

Are you one of those who just couldn’t get enough of the Great Smoky Mountains? might satiate this desire as it offers the most comprehensive information about the famed location. The provision includes the detailed tips and materials on more than the 80 hiking trails in Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the access to trail descriptions, along with its key features, pictures, the difficulty ratings, trail maps, and elevation profiles.​

​The site is still continuing to add new trails onto its platform and is poised to boost its “About GSMNP” page with more content. These comprise of the top 10 hikes in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the travel information, hiking tips along with the links to hiking destinations in its region.

Just A Colorado Gal

Just a colorado gal

With ten years of blogging about her adventures on hiking under her belt, the author of Just A Colorado Girl, Heather Balogh Rochfort, seems to be meek in her humblest intentions in sharing her adventurous stories. But as soon as you get into her page deeper, you’ll realize that you’re in for a huge treat. With her easy charm, you are then catapulted to her anecdotes on hiking, trail running and her love for backpacking.

The site should really suit those women who have this misconception that hiking isn’t fun. Rochfort, in her own words, colorfully translated her experiences into her skinning moments and a hot chocolate by the fire right after hitting a trail. Fabulous!

The Hike Guy​

The hike guy

Kolby Kirk a.k.a the man behind The Hike Guy aims that his site effectively promotes the hiking lifestyle through various examples that can either come from his own and others as well. One of his goals is also to provide some basic tips on how to hike while helping others to muster the significance of exploring our natural areas.

Kirk’s page also is adorned with some of his favorite hobbies which include photography, sketching, journaling, along with international travel and book collecting. If your boundaries are falling short, this author might inspire you to do more.

Backpacking Light​

backpacking light

Are you one of those who couldn’t figure out just how to make your backpack that extra light? Or is one who couldn’t get as to why some of your hiker friends have already figured this one out? Backpacking Light is a site that solely focuses on helping you pack lightly. The provided information about hiking and backpacking alike are given by the some of the world’s most, community of people who want to share some crucial tips on backpacking lightly.

And as soon as you’re done reading their tips and have applied them accordingly, your entire experience should lighten up — and an even more enjoyable hiking is expected to come.

Adventure Alan​

Adventure alan

Regarded as the best guide to lightweight backpacking and backcountry adventure travel, Adventure Alan is also the hikers’ go-to place in the web as it hosts a hefty amount of information on all things hiking. These include gear lists, the recommended gears, the how-to entries like reducing your pack weight and taking a trip plan, food and cooking, backpacking cameras and trip reports.

Ultimately, the site’s goal is to enable the reader to select the best information that they need to improve their skills and gears to their backpacks in ways that are most efficient and sensible.

Our Hiking Blog​

Our hiking blogs

The very meta “Our Hiking Blog” is a no-nonsense site for those who’d like to up their skills on bushwalking, hiking, and backpacking. The site’s aim is to aid its readers that enjoyment they richly deserve while they’re there in the outdoors. This aim is exemplified by the page’s offerings on food, overland track, clothing & gear, and the mysterious-slash-adventure travel across Australia, Victoria, and New Zealand.

The site is currently being managed by a couple who reside in Portarlington, Victoria, Australia. Before they found the true niche of this page, they initially had their focus on multi-day hikes in Tasmania.

The Broke Backpacker

the broke backpacker

Have you ever thought of traveling or even hiking with a low budget or in extremes, without the financial means? The Broke Backpacker can lead that thought by example. As now the leading authority on real adventures, the “Backpacker” is also aiming to become the web’s digital nomad and the best-known adventure travel blog.

And so, whenever you feel like you’ve for in your comfort zone for that long, The Broke Backpacker might very well be the only platform that you need to get that ball finally rolling.

Final thoughts​

In a web that is mired now with stuffed information on hiking, it’s not that difficult to get caught up in its intricateness especially when you have just navigated this hobby. Chances are, you have already found some of these but if not, consider this list as a godsend for you and your loved ones!

Until then, get those straps on and enjoy hiking!​

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