Tips And Tricks For Dealing With Bugs While Camping

The summer is about to start. Everyone will be on their way in planning multiple schedules to spend a good time in summer. The word summer is very special for surfing on the beach, hiking, and other fun filled activities.

However, we will not forget to go outdoors for camping. It ‘thrills and frills’ our mind with freshness and connects ourselves with the beautiful nature. Our foremost intention in camping is to forget the metropolitan life and just relax in nature with a wonderful breeze.

We plan everything perfectly to enjoy and with an obvious thought that nothing can spoil our camping, we will further the plan. Now, here comes the spoiling agent. It won't let you sleep while camping. Moreover, it can even ruin your happy camping. The dangerous bugs are out there.

No worries, proceed your camping schedules. Because we are going to give you the remedial measure to spend bug-free camping with relaxation. Here we are going to see the tips and tricks in dealing with bugs while camping outdoors.

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Bugs while Camping Outdoors​

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Bugs while Camping Outdoors

Of course, you would have been using some natural and chemical remedies. These tips and tricks made you frustrated, right? But, we have the perfect solution for you. And these are one hundred percent fair results.

  • Did you notice about the perfume of your body?
  • Where do you plan for your camping?
  • Sprays that contains waterproof
  • Sage burning
  • Have smart camping accessories

​Now we shall see the illustrated procedure to have a free bug camping.

1. Did you Notice About The Perfume of Your Body?​

Did you Notice about the Perfume of your Body

Without our conscious sometimes we will attract the bugs. On the other hand, we will do all sorts of preventive measure to keep the bugs away. We don’t like the bugs getting in our camp border. However, keeping the magnet inside and shooing off the bugs is of no use.

​Yes, it is the perfumes, deodorants, and the soap that we consume. It doesn’t mean that all soaps, deodorants, and perfumes attract the bugs. The perfumes, deodorant, and body soaps with highly filled with smell and hygiene.

It will surely attract the bugs outside the tent. So avoid the consumption of aromatic products for your body to attract bugs. Yes, you can use when you are off from camping to attract men/women.

2. Where Do You Plan For Your Camping?​

Where do you Plan for your Camping

​While camping we can notice that a huge amount of bugs marching like an army. Many of us are afraid of the mosquitos. Those little suckers will spoil our beautiful evening with nature and our sweet night with our partner in camping.

No one wants that to happen. So let me tell you one thing. Usually, mosquitos breed their eggs in motionless water. They usually prefer near water. Thus, don’t plan your camping near water or wet place.

Choose a dry landscape to enjoy your camping. In addition to this, keep your camping spot high from the ground level. This will not only aid you in chilling breeze but will also help you stay warm in the tents with your partner.

3. ​Sprays That Contain Waterproof

Sprays that contain Waterproof

Too much of bugs underneath your bed, then certainly you must need a spray to kill those idiotic bugs. We do consider enormous sprays. However, the sprays that have a waterproof quality will keep your tent and beg off from bugs.

We know about the Lysol spray. Just spray underneath your bed, and that is all you need as this lysol can kill the bed bugs. Moreover, be aware of the sprays that you use. It must be waterproof. Even small water can invite the mosquitos to your tent.

4. ​Sage Burning

Sage Burning

Camping without a camp wire. Oh my god! It will be a lamenting camping. We don’t want that to happen. By evening we will turn on the camp fire. Bright light with free pests. However, when the light turns off, what would happen? Yes, slightly the bugs turn their heads off from the fields and shrubs. They attack us.

​No way, for them to shelter in out tents or in the boundaries of our camp site. How to keep this army of bugs out from your occupied area. It is very simple. It is just like a piece of cake or burning a marshmallow in the camp fire.

Yes, it is, as you are burning the marshmallow, just put some sage twigs into the fire. That’s all; your sage twig magician does the work for you. The sage discharges a type of fragrance. This fragrance will keep the bugs off from your shelter.

The fragrance discharged from this sage twig is more efficient than a spray that we use. Of course, this is waterproof. And need not worry about the mosquitos.

5. Have Smart Camping Accessories​

Have Smart Camping Accessories

Hiking, trekking, and all other entertainments in the camp site will make our body dead tired. Yes, we need some good rest to spend the rest of our camping with some good energy. We might bring some good accessories.

​Are we conscious about the accessories that save us from the bugs to have a good sleep? We ought to be conscious about that or else our camp will be ruined.

We must have a smart opinion about the accessories. Did someone say bug net? Of course, it is a good choice to have a good sleep. However, it is extra luggage to carry.

Now, our suggestion is, go for the guardian bug net. It is like a caterpillar sleeping in a cocoon. The bed is elevated from the ground and guards you against the bugs with a net. Don’t carry too much of luggage. You will be tired up in carrying that luggage. Thus choose the smart way to spend the camping.

The Guardian bug net is also called as the sleeping bags. Don’t forget to roll sleeping bags carefully.


heating up the coffee with on the campfire

Spend your days with pleasure and happiness. Camping is an exciting thing for our family even with our friends. Just enjoy the trip with free bugs off from your boundaries. Make sure you carry a safety first aid kit along with you.

Prevention is better than cure. Thus be aware of every step you take while camping.​

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