Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping! Why is this Greatest Place for that Perfect Retreat?

I just returned from my summer vacation. I wanted to get back to nature and could not think of a perfect place to visit than Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping. Living in an urban city center, I often want to holiday in a more quiet area.

I usually go and escape in the seaside, but this year I wanted to get back to nature. Go camping, hiking, fishing and so much more. Here are the top reasons as to why you should also trade your flip flops for a pair of hiking boots!


Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping river

The campground is nestled along the Sol Duc River which is in the Olympic Nation Park. The camping and RV site is only a quarter of a mile from the main lodge, so you are far enough away from their hustle and bustle, but can join in anytime you would like!

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When camping in the tent area you have public restrooms available to you at all times. And when you are ready to cook, there are plenty of fire rings and metal grates available so you can grill. They even have firewood for you available at the front desk!

Also, you have the option to bring your RV, or you can pitch a tent. There are 17 RV spots available, and you can also bring two other vehicles with you!


So you are probably wondering what to do after you have pitched your tent and had your lunch. Well do not fret, you are in nature, so there are plenty of things to see and do!


Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping Biking

You can bring your bike from home, or rent one at the Log Cabin Resort. There are numerous trails to choose from. Some options are at the Lake Crescent Lodge, which has a runway around the Spruce Railroad which is around four miles long. Lake Quinault Lodge has a 30-mile trail around the Rain Forest Loop Drive which begins at Lake Quinault.

You will see beautiful waterfalls and scenery so be sure to have your camera on hand. The last trail for biking is the Hurricane Ridge. I think this is the most beautiful climbs I have ever experienced. You feel one with nature when riding to Hurricane Ridge

Boat and Paddleboard Rentals

Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping Boat and Paddleboard

I luckily went to Sol Duc Hot Springs during the summer months, so I was able to experience some kayaking. I am not usually big into kayaking, but when you see the waters you go out on, it’s hard to say no. You can rent a row boat, canoe, kayak or paddleboard from one hour up to a full day (8 hours). You can boat your way along Lake Quinault.

If you want, you can also make a guided scenic kayak trip along Lake Crescent. This lake is known as the ‘gem of the peninsula’, and you will see why when you kayak through. You will hear stories of local legends and history too. It is a great two-hour experience that you should not miss out on.

Captained boat tour

Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping Captained boat tour

If you do not feel like operating a kayak or a canoe, you can attend a guided tour on a larger boat. You have a choice between daybreak, afternoon or a sunset tour. I highly recommend either dawn or sunset - there is just something special about those times of the day.

You can begin your daybreak tour with a bite to eat in the Roosevelt Dining room and then attend the tour. If you opt for the sunset tour, then you will have your dinner prior and visit the 90 boat ride. What a great way to end your day.


Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping  fishing

This is ideal for anyone who enjoys the peace and quiet with great views. Both Lake Crescent and Lake Quinault offer fishing spots and services. If you are an avid fisherman, (or not) check the rules and regulations prior to fishing to see what is allowed and what is not.

Some may require a license while other lakes do not. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.


Hiking in Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping

I love starting my morning with a great hike. Getting the fresh air into my lungs before my first cup of coffee is a great feeling. There are numerous hiking trails here that are self-guided so you can venture off onto a new path each day.

My favorite is the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort Lover’s Lane Loop. It is a 6-mile round trip hike. You can locate it in the back of the resort. You can even camp on the trail with the correct permit and permission. This is one of the top 10 romantic nature outings according to the 2010 Peninsula Daily News out of Washington.

Mineral Hot Springs and Pool

Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping  Mineral Hot Springs and Pool

You cannot mention the name Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping and not say the hot springs part. There are three different soaking pools and a fresh water pool to choose from. The refreshing spring water comes from melted snow and rain which has seeped through rocks and has become mineralized from volcanic rock.

The process seems complicated, but it feels so beautiful and refreshing on your skin. The Small Mineral Wading pool is between 6-8 feet deep and is 99F; the Medium Mineral pool is 3 feet deep, and 104F and the Large Mineral Fountain Pool is 3 feet deep and 101F. You can relax in the Freshwater Pool since it is 3 feet deep and runs between 50-85F.


You have so many other activities to choose from, but these are the fun things I did each day. I enjoyed waking up early each morning to be greeted by the sun while doing some yoga poses on my daily hike. After my six-mile walk and yoga poses, I would relax in the freshwater pool and then rent a kayak and enjoy the sites for the rest of the day.

I found myself to be more connected to nature than I have ever been. Pitching a tent and eating grilled food was just the icing on the cake.

I am sure you will enjoy your time at Sol Duc Hot Springs Camping as well.

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