Silverwood Lake Camping: What do I Need to Know?

California is a great hub for camping because it’s full of natural wonders. One of these wonders is Silverwood Lake, which is a huge reservoir in San Bernardino County, California. It has a recreational area where you can go camping, hiking, swimming, and boating.

You can also go water skiing, fishing, horseback riding, and more. If you’re looking for more information on Silverwood Lake camping, then you're in the right place!

In 1971, Silverwood Lake was created as a part of the State Water Project. The California Department of Water Resources operates the Lake, and they provide water for agencies around the San Bernardino Mountain area, as well as Mojave Desert Areas. There are about 2,400 acres of recreation land around the lake.

Camping in Silverwood Lake

Camping in Silverwood Lake

You are going to need a few days in Silverwood Lake to enjoy the most of it. One way you can do so is by camping. There are a lot of campsites around the area, and some can accommodate RVs. However, you will need to make reservations before you go two days before you arrive. You can also reserve up to 7 months advance.


Not all fees are the same for the campsites, but the cheapest is in the area of Mesa, with a drive-in fee of $35. Miller Canyon I, II and III are at $150, while Barranca, Rio, Silverwood Lake and Valley area are at $300 group fee.

Rules and Regulations for Silverwood Lake Camping​

facility in Silverwood Lake Camping

There are two standard rules to follow when you go camping. First, always clean up after yourself. Make sure you take out what you bring in and not leave anything. This also includes cleaning up after your pets. Second, always put out the fire. You should always follow fire safety procedures.

Aside from these are rules that operators give. For camping in Silverwood Lake, take note of these following rules and regulations:​

  • You must follow the maximum number of vehicles and people per site. Most campsite fees are valid for one vehicle, and you have to pay an additional fee for extra vehicles and boats. You might also need to pay extra for pets. The vehicles must also stay on the pavement.
  • You can make ground fires, but only in the fire rings provided. However, you should always check the fire regulations for other safety reminders.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Throw your trash in the dump stations next to the entrance.
  • If you should bring a pet, make sure they are on a leash or cage. You also cannot leave them unattended.
  • You cannot use an electronic equipment that produces noise that can go beyond the campsite.
  • All boats and other watercraft such as kayaks, canoes, sailboats, and others, must undergo an inspection. Otherwise, they are not allowed to launch. This is to prevent Quagga and Zebra Mussels from spreading.

For more details on rules and regulations, you can visit here.

Activities around Silverwood Lake

Activities around Silverwood Lake

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area is one of the many State Parks in California. It’s open year-round but the peak season is summer time. Some of the things you can do can be done in a day trip. Here’s a list of some activities:

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Waterskiing
  • Horseback riding
  • Windsurfing
  • Nature and wildlife viewing
  • Kayaking/Canoeing/SUP boarding
  • Trail biking

Within the facility, you can find the following in some areas:

Rules and Regulations for Silverwood Lake Camping​
  • Ranger stations
  • Picnic tables
  • Visitors center
  • Boat launch ramp
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
  • Marina
  • Dump station
  • Flush toilets
  • Fire ring
  • ADA Access
  • Barbecue
  • Convenience stores

Other important information

​1. How do I get to Silverwood Lake Recreational Park?

To get there, drive via Highway 138 or 18. The park is 11 miles east of I-15 or 20 miles up San Bernardino.

2. What is the peak season of Silverwood Lake?​

The peak season for this park is summer time, or between May 15 to September 15.

3. What are the park hours?​

The park is open for day users from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.


great place to have an adventure like camping

Silverwood Lake is a great place to have an adventure like camping. There are so many facilities that provides lots of fun activities for families, soloists, friends, and even couples.

Just make sure you make the necessary arrangements before you go there. When there, either for a camp or day trip, make sure you follow the rules and regulations to avoid disrupting others and nature.​

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