Top 4 Pop Up Camping Tips That Will Ease Your Stress

New year, new adventures! Have you started planning your most awaited vacation? If not, let me suggest an option that I can prove is worth the experience.

​Have you ever heard of pop up camping? This is when you bring your camper, usually a trailer, to a park and stay for a few days. It does not have to be a park. Some people do long tours and go all the way to some hidden woods.

If you are not up for adventures like this, I will share with you pop up camping tips that will persuade you to give it a go. Whether you are a first-timer or someone who is doing research for a better experience, you are welcome here.

​About Pop Up Camping

About Pop Up Camping

The truth is, this activity is not a piece of cake, regarding preparation. Aside from choosing the perfect camper to shelter you for a couple of days, there are other things to plan.

If you are looking for the best interior designs, then you will not have a hard time. There are over a thousand ideas on Pinterest.

But first, you have to be sure that your target location is somewhere safe and familiar. Especially if this is your first time, you would want to stay on the “safe side.” On the other hand, if you have done this before, there is nothing wrong with being a little experimental.

The key in looking for the best location that suits your needs and preferences is doing research. And by research, I mean intensive research. Look up space you are eyeing, know if it is meant for camping. Check whether the surroundings are conducive to the kind of experience you want.

If you aim for peace and quiet, for instance, you may want a place that is secluded. But if you want a camping spot where you can enjoy outdoor activities, then go for resort campgrounds.

There are no hard or fast rules for pop-up camping. It is just something that needs extra effort to put up. If you are going big and you want this to be a family thing, it could cost you a fortune as well. The planning phase also takes commitment if you want to push through with the perfect vacation.

So, are you ready to dive into this idea? If yes, let us go about the following helpful tips. These are based on the ideas of the experienced camper behind

​Pop Up Camping Tips

Maximize the camper space Pop Up Camping Tips

​1. Maximize The Camper Space

One of the biggest challenges is to keep up with the space that your camper holds. It could be a test of what you can produce out of a little. You are to decide on a lot of things, such as the interior design of the trailer.

Do you need a complete dining area? How do you want your bed set up? Are you going to put up one huge bed or a bunk bed that could fit two people? Where do you place the sink so that you do not wet the entire camper floor? These are just some of the fundamental questions you are to answer.

Do not get overwhelmed yet, though. Just take one step at a time. The trick is to prioritize. List down all that is necessary and work from there. Make sure that you maximize the space provided.

​2. Create Smart Storage Space

This is connected to maximizing the space. Allot enough areas for storage so that your stuff, like food and clothes, are not packed in one area. That will make the camper look untidy and smaller than it is.

For instance, you can put cabinets on the hollow areas like beneath your beds. You can put little drawers for your underwear or toiletries. DIY shelves will be a ton of help. You could just put wood divisions for added design.

On the other hand, if there is no way for you to do create a DIY storage space, there is an alternative. You could buy those plastic containers or drawers that look like mini dressers. Pile them up in one area in the camper and store all your packed clothes there.

3. Tone Down on Décor​

It gets exciting to design your camper; I understand that. But if you want to save space and make the interior look spacious, you ought to tone down. A camper that looks spacious is a camper that is more breathable and home-like.

Decorate using patterned bed sheets, runners, and curtains. Match their colors with the color of the floor. Put a few centerpieces or figurines or photos. You do not want things to break while driving to your camping site.

4. Pack Lightly​

Pack lightly Pop Up Camping Tips

I could not emphasize this any further. It is indeed challenging, especially for an entire family with kids, to pack light. Getting excited for a trip like this means buying as much food as you can and bringing coats and all. We understand that.

But, like what we have emphasized on tip # 1, we have to maximize the space. We do not want our camper to look so packed that we no longer have air to breathe.

Always, always consider the number of days you will be staying in the camper. Pack clothes that are suitable for that specific number of days. Do not bring too much extra. Remember that it is not your top goal to do a fashion show or post-OOTDs there.

As for the food, bring enough for everyone to consume. By this I mean you have to factor in how many times your family eats in a day. Count how much each person consumes too. You do not want to get hungry in the middle of the woods. But I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to bring spoiled food back home either.


Pop up camping is a learning experience

That’s about it! These tips are just a few of the most practical ones that I have learned from other campers. Pop up camping is a learning experience. It takes not only one, but a lot of different trips before you can perfect it.

But no matter how tricky it could get, never miss out on the fun. Do not stress yourself too much and enjoy the planning stage. The most important thing is for you to be able to relax and be with your family. Even the crappiest moments can turn out to be the most memorable ones, anyway.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you need some more pop-up camping tips or other family’s experience, you can visit this forum too. If you have comments and suggestions, feel free to write them below. Happy camping!​

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