What Is The Utility of a Pop Up Camper With Bathroom?

Set up and relax, enjoy the ease of glamorous camping anywhere by bringing a pop up camper with bathroom. You’ll never have to worry about a lot of things again!

Okay so here again you are camping and you want to level up your camping experience. Glamping? Yeah, probably! You are sick of sleeping on the rocky ground and your back is really hurting?.

There are camping sites wherein you can’t even find a decent bathroom or outpost. Well, say goodbye to the inconveniences and say hello to luxury camping!

What Is The Utility of a Pop Up Camper With Bathroom?

Why endure the cold weather when you can have a heater inside you rolling home? Or if you’re heading to a desert, an air-conditioner wouldn’t be that bad at all. This is definitely perfect when camping during the summer season. Why burn your skin under the scorching sun when you can be sheltered away from the heat and UV rays?

sunshine with  Pop Up Camper With Bathroom


This will certainly turn your camping life 360 degrees… A full bathroom and shower!!! You don’t have to be afraid again of the bears attacking you like when in the middle of the night you want to come out of the tent because of the call of nature. Oh, the perks of having a pop up camper with bathroom.

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If it is winter time or if the weather is frigid, you can keep yourself warm by showering with heated water. Thanks to propane, it heats the water so you won’t even have to ignite the fire to boil water.

You will never again have to dig a hole somewhere to do your customary loo routines. Now you can use a Thetford cassette toilet, one popular brand.


Hungry? Save your fingers from calluses. You don’t have to chop up some woods and constantly scratch a magnesium flint just to boil a cup of water for your coffee or to simply fry a piece of sunny side up egg.

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A stove top is employed for you to cook from simple meals to the most lavish dishes. You can even bake a cake utilizing the full functioning oven. Who said you can’t enjoy a freshly-baked black forest cake in the middle of nowhere?

You ought not to risk your life hunting for a wild boar or chase a chicken like a caveman in a Paleolithic era. Shop for the spare ribs or your fave primal (meat) cuts from your local grocery store or at any of the local marketplaces like a civilized person would do.

Worry no more about availing the freshest ingredients or about the rotting meat. Just pop it in the refrigerator and you’re good to go. Forget about leftovers spoiling because the freezer/refrigerator got you covered.


bedroom of  Pop Up Camper With Bathroom

Thou are kyphosis prone no more! Enjoy the comforts of your home by having the king size or queen size bed. You can even bring in two beds depending on the size of your pop up camper. It can accommodate about six to eight people.

If heated bed isn’t that cool enough…When there are elements outside, a bad weather or you just want a comfy dining place, the dining table and chairs installed won’t let you down.

Pests are pesky! Right!? Get rid of the bugs, the gnats or the sand flies. No-see-ums no more definitely! The pop up camper structure slip cover will cover you.

The pop up camper may have slip cover structures made out of vinyl or canvas or combination of both the vinyl and canvas construction. The vinyl is much more expensive than canvas. Vinyl is water resistant.

Canvas albeit could be made water resistant if applied and treated with chemical or material that could make it resist water. Canvas is made up of cotton fibers. During winter days, the canvas can be easily folded without chipping, cracking or damaging the fabric whilst the vinyl needed to be thawed, kept warm or be placed within the warmer house garage before folding.

Vinyl can easily crack up in wintry weather conditions whilst canvas can withstand the frigid weather. Inside the pop up camper, condensation occurs on the vinyl sheets as a result of cold weather. Vinyl can possibly have mildew build ups. Hence it must be wiped when wet in order to prevent that said occurrence.


toilet of  Pop Up Camper With Bathroom

What is cassette toilet? In essence, it is a toilet bowl wherein there is a receptacle. A holding tank is essentially attached at the bottom of the bowl.

This receptacle underneath is detachable and easily dismantled.You may discard the human excreta at dump points by initially removing the dump cap of the pour-out spout. Open the spout, tilt the holding tank and pour the contents to eliminate disposals. Push the vent button to let air in as for to avoid guggling and splashing of water.

The lip seal slides close and open when flushing. You can use the Lube lubricants to apply at the bowl lip seal for maintenance. The lubrication allows the slick movement of the lip seal. In addition, this prevents leakage and it makes the lip seal last longer.

You may also make usage of the toilet cleansers that you must pour onto the same waterfill funnel spout wherein the fresh water is similarly passed through. Cleansers used must be mild so as not to damage your cassette toilet, or you have an option to utilize specialized chemical cleansers for the RV (recreational vehicles) toilets.

toilet cleanser of  Pop Up Camper With Bathroom

An example is Pro-Kleen Toilet Fresh, Flush. Some specialized RV chemical cleansers are also functioning as well to disintegrate the tissue papers.

Under no circumstances should you flush the nappies (disposable diapers) in the toilet. You can unwittingly clog your toilet because of that.

It is highly recommended to choose tissue papers that are soft and can be easily disintegrated. Or that it may be best that you use the tissue paper that is especially designed for cassette toilets and that easily dissolves. One brand available in the market is the Thetford Aqua Soft tissue paper. It can cost you a little more than the regular toilet papers but the convenience outweighs the costs.

You should need to prepare at least twenty (20) liters of water than can just merely be used for flushing the toilet for less than three days of camping.

Final Thought

camper with bathroom

Pop up campers are lighter in weight ergo, easier to tow than hard-sided trailers. Folding the components is just a breeze. It is certainly more affordable to purchase than the hard-sided trailer.

So now you have acquired more information about the pop up camper with bathroom, why not consider getting one for you, your family and friends?

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