The 5 Incredible Things You Need to Know About One Pot Camping Meals

When you comes to hiking and camping, there’s one thing that shouldn’t be absent in your backpack-foods, lots of it. The trips can last for a week or longer, thus, bringing ingredients for your meals can be a burden on its own.

Luckily, there’s a good trick that you can do in order to avoid bringing each and every item in your pantry just to enjoy your camping or hiking trip. The answer is by preparing one pot camping meals that you can easily cook without the needs of utilizing numerous ingredients.

The benefits of hiking include its ability to lower your risk of heart disease, improve your blood sugar levels and blood pressure, boost the density of the bone, strengthen the core area. Moreover, hiking may build strength in the muscles of lower legs, hips, glutes, hamstrings and other parts of the body.

benefits of hiking

On the other hand, camping is also beneficial and it turned out that it became a favorite activity of individuals who wants to break free from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets and their hectic schedule at work or school.

Camping allows you to spend time near a lot of trees and take more oxygen, get an ample amount of vitamin D from the sun. In additions, enjoying the beautiful scenery, lessen the stress level, and it is a good form of exercise and physical fitness activity that can aid in shredding away excess pounds and fats.

Therefore, if you want to be physically fit and healthy while getting the chance to appreciate the beauty and wonderful views of nature, you can try either camping or hiking, or why not both?

Here are 5 things you need to know about one pot camping meals to have great camping trips.

1. Blessings for Constant Campers and Hikers

Blessings for Constant Campers and Hikers

To tell you frankly, if you want to start your venture in the wonderful world of going out on an adventure and exploring the great outdoors. Whether it is camping or hiking, one pot camping meals can save you from starving.

Many first time campers and hikers tend to over pack and bring too many foods and ingredients thinking that their supplies might not last. They don’t have any other means to purchase and ingredients and restock. Well, whether you admit or not, most probably, you’re also guilty with that, am I right?

One pot camping meals are blessing delivered straight from heaven, kidding aside. If you want to travel light yet prepared, keeping food ingredients on your list of things that you should bring is a must.

It also helps to settle for one pot camping meals because, most of the time, the energy you can get from these are enough to help you enjoy your whole trip or journey.

2. Simplicity and Easily to Cooked

simplicity and easy to cook one pot camping meals

The major advantages of one pot camping meals over the others are the fact that it can be easily cooked, prepared with simplicity, and requires little or no cleanup. Because of these major advantages, professional hikers and campers prefer to bring one pot camping meals.

It is also highly advisable to settle for one pot camping meals instead of the dehydrated ingredients such as meats, fruits, and vegetables since it contains a few vitamins and nutrients that campers and hikers will need.

For the campers and hikers who are fond of energetic and dynamic activities during the trip, the one pot camping meals are the best option.

3. Safety and Nutrition

one pot camping meals is safety and nutrition

Believe it or not, one pot camping meals doesn’t just take pride in being easily cooked and prepared. As a matter of fact, most of the one pot camping meals readily available these days are delicious and can pass the standards of picky eaters.

If you’ve been hesitating to give one pot camping meals a try because it looks boring and plain. Why don’t you try the cheesy asparagus one pot orzo, one pot chicken pilaf, cheesy bacon onion mashers, creamy chicken and mushroom rice, and the red pepper curry chicken and olive couscous?

4. Many Recipes to Try During Adventures

recipes of one pot camping meals

If you’ve been hiking or camping for quite a long time, you are already near the verge of experiencing a lack of interest to eat because of the same old recipes you eat. Well, you’re fortunate because you and your appetite don’t have to suffer anymore.

The Food Network and BBC Good Food offer numerous one pot camping meals recipes that you can try and enjoy. For instance, the former shares a compilation of simple and classic dishes such as the beef stroganoff, vegetarian chili with butternut squash, skillet chicken lasagna, three-pepper chicken chili, one skillet trout with green beans, mushroom risotto, pan-roasted pork chop with pan gravy among others.

On the other hand, BBC Good Food’s take includes meals that are suitable for campers and hikers of all ages. We fancy their easy recipes for store cupboard corn pancakes, lemon French toast with poached plums, mushroom stroganoff on toast, sticky cider and mustard sausage wheel with box grater salad, marshmallow, and strawberry kebabs, and hot caramel malted milk.

Without a single doubt, you don’t have to worry about the one pot camping meals that you will try because there are numerous recipes that are worth trying.

5. Don't Require Special Kitchen Tools

Special Kitchen Tools for one pot camping meals

For a trip that will last for at least 4 days, it is burdensome to bring additional kitchen tools and equipment like the Optimus Svea Stove or the Halulite micro dualist. When it comes to usage of tools and equipment, one pot cooking meals are truly advantageous since it can be cooked and prepared with a little or less relying on an equipment or two.

One pot camping meals can be cooked using a single pan and it doesn’t require any special or specific kitchen tool or equipment. Aside from that, one pot camping meals can be cooked in a short span of time.

So, it is not a hassle to prepare good meals and dishes while enjoying your outdoor trips and activities, may it be with your friends, colleagues, families, or loved ones. Your meals don't have to be a problem or burden while you’re enjoying the beauty of nature and the trails.


The one pot camping meals are a really popular trend because it offers different advantages and benefits over the usual meals we prepare for our family and loved ones.

In your next camping or hiking trip, instead of bringing dehydrated meals, check out your pantry and determine which foods or ingredients are suitable to make a meal that can be prepared in an instant without the needs of losing the substance and its deliciousness.

I would love to try your favorite one pot camping meals on my next outdoor adventure. So, feel free to drop in the comment and share the one pot camping meals recipe that you can be proud of.

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