How To Make Coffee While Camping: Tips and Tricks

Camping is one of the most famous outdoor activities nowadays particularly among teenagers or millennial couples.

Apart from the roasted marshmallows and scary stories, nothing beats a cup of hot coffee in warming you up. The campfire coffee is one of the many things that will give you that camping vibe.

But unfortunately, it is quite challenging to come up with a hot coffee let alone the campfire itself when camping. In the next part, we will be giving you tips and tricks on how to make coffee while camping!​

​There’s this trend that when your lover takes you out on a spontaneous road trip, camping (or more specifically car camping) or hiking, you guys are “goals.”

make coffee while camping

However, it is also undeniable that camping is a great bonding activity for families or team building for workmates and friends as well.

Most often than not, it is when everybody’s already settled warmly around the bonfire sharing scary stories that we call it camping.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Medium-sized tin cans or sauce pan
  • Coffee grounds
  • Coffee tea bag
  • Drinking water
  • Mug
  • Campfire

​Steps To Try in Making Coffee while Camping

Method 1: Use a Coffee Tea Bag​

What you’ll need:​

  • Coffee grounds
  • Boiling water
  • Tea bag

​Using a coffee tea bag is probably one of the easiest ways to brew coffee while you’re outside camping. Think of coffee bags similar as tea bags. It’s an ultra-convenient item that’s both easy to bring and easy to use.

Use a coffee tea bag

​Step 1:

Take your coffee bag and prepare it with boiling water. Your coffee bag will already have the grounds. So you’ll just need to dip it in the boiling water

​Step 2:

Dip your coffee bag on the hot water in a mug. Let it wait until the water starts to get stained by the coffee.

​Step 3:

Check the flavor of the coffee, if it’s still too watery, keep the coffee bag in until it dissolves the grounds more.

The downside of this method, however, is that much like tea bags, you won’t get a rich taste of coffee.

Typically, since you’re just dissolving grounds in hot water, your coffee could taste stale. But if all you want is a quick wake-up call in the outdoors, then a coffee bag would do just the trick.

​Method 2: Use a Portable Coffee Maker

What you’ll need:​

  • Portable coffee maker
  • Coffee grounds

​What a time to be alive! Nowadays, that giant coffee maker you see in your favorite cafe has been watered down to a simpler version. With a portable coffee maker, you can easily brew great coffee in your car, tent, or anywhere you go.

Use a portable coffee maker

Portable coffee makers usually come in shapes similar to that of a thermos. The main challenge here is that you’ll need a bigger bag since these types are quite bulky to pack.

If you’re still unsatisfied with your coffee’s quality, you still have alternative thanks to the coffee dripper.

Step 1:​

​When using manual coffee drippers, you’ll need a paper filter. This is to give your coffee a cleaner and tastier result. So get a good one which you can find in online websites.

Step 2:​

Next, make sure that you have a good amount of boiling water. Usually, drippers serve coffee for 1 cup, so around 12oz-16oz should be fine.

Step 3:​

Place your dripper on the glass or mug to catch the coffee. Afterward, pour the hot water over the coffee grounds. Try going at it in a circular motion to get an even distribution of brewed coffee. Do this until you get your desired quantity.

There are many other great products that you can check out there. There are coffee makers that use the French-press method, and there are also hand-press espresso maker gadgets. It’s literally over a hundred worth of items there that you can check.

However, the principle behind this remains the same. You have to spend more to get better tasting coffee.

Method 3: Do it The Cowboy Style

​What you’ll need:

  • Saucepan or a can
  • Boiling water
  • Coffee grounds
Do it the Cowboy style

​If you’re not the type to buy all these new and innovative coffee makers or drippers, doing it the classic, western way is an option.

Even in Hollywood, the cowboy coffee is a staple in Western cinema. Nothing beats the scenery of old cowboys brewing their coffee in rustic tins under the hot sun.

And if you’re feeling old-school, brewing a cowboy coffee can be worth it. This is because of its simplicity and convenience in brewing. Not to mention, it’s sufficiently fast, too.​

To brew cowboy coffee, you can do it in two ways. The first one is going traditional and using tin cans to brew your coffee.

Step 1:​

Get a nice clean tin can and put some water in it first. Afterward, set up the fire in your camp and put the tin can on a hot stone near the flames.

Step 2:​

Then, just add your coffee to the boiling water and stir it till it completely dissolves. On the other hand, if you don’t have access to tin cans, using a saucepan is an excellent alternative.

Step 3:​

Lastly, taste your coffee. Make sure that the grounds dissolve completely. You’ll know this the moment you taste your cowboy coffee. If it’s not completely dissolved, throw it in again on the saucepan or tin cans and boil it some more.​

Challenges in Making Campfire Coffee​

Challenges in Making Campfire Coffee

Making or brewing the coffee itself isn’t the most challenging part. It is carefully setting up everything that you need in making it. And most importantly, making it taste as good as a home or cafe brewed one.

Some of the usual problems encountered by people in making campfire coffee are not being able to bring all the materials needed. This is either because there’s no electricity outdoors (for the coffee maker and all) or there are just too many things to bring. And often, camping is all about improvisation and minimalism. Packing light means packing smart.

​However, you can always improvise. For instance, tin cans used for your canned foods can be used as your coffee mug. And that coffee mug is what you’ll also be heating up the coffee with on the campfire.

heating up the coffee with on the campfire

Another problem could be building the campfire itself. It is very challenging to set up the fire and the fireplace for the first time especially if you are not aware of its do’s and dont’s. Making the fire last enough to boil or heat up your coffee is another problem that comes after that.

But do not fret. There are lots of different methods out there which you can try. You can use wood, stone, match sticks, igniter or even your cigarette lighter.

And as for the coffee making itself, aside from the usual methods, you can also try it the cowboy style. This is also known as the cowboy coffee.

the cowboy coffee

Having said all these, we know that these aren’t all the possible problems you might encounter in making a campfire coffee. This is why we also included below a simple step by step guide (of different methods) on how to make coffee while camping.

At The End of The Day​

The success of your camping depends on how well you execute the do’s and avoid the dont’s. Packing smart and working efficiently are two key elements in this.

best campfire coffee for the cold night

This also includes making the best campfire coffee for the cold night and the scary stories. While it may sound challenging, making coffee while camping does not have to be complicated.

This also includes making the best campfire coffee for the cold night and the scary stories. While it may sound challenging, making coffee while camping does not have to be complicated.

This also includes making the best campfire coffee for the cold night and the scary stories. While it may sound challenging, making coffee while camping does not have to be complicated.​

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