Go To An Adventure Prepared: Hiking Made Easy By Bodybuilding

Are you seeking for a real thrill through hiking? You better go prepared to enjoy the best of your planned adventure. Aside from your hiking backpack, you also need to prepare your body to make sure that it can follow through the roughness and rudeness of the route you are about to take. Now we ask ourselves, how can we ensure that our body is ready for our trip?

Starting from the most inner self, we need to make sure that our nutrient content is enough to keep us going to our hiking activities. We need strength and a good health condition so we are confident that we can go back home alive and giggly. Spark up your health packing by keeping these nutrition and workout tips before you grind.

Prepare Your Muscles And Your Body

You will be using your muscular system a lot in your highly anticipated hiking activities, and so you need to make sure that it can perform well. Just like how we start with our full bodybuilding routine, we need always to start with a set of warm-up exercises.

Prepare Your Muscles And Your Body

There are lots of different warm-up or tune-up exercises that you can work on while preparing for your hiking trip. Meanwhile, here are the three basic exercises that you can do before you jump off your bed to rougher terrains and steep slopes:

1. Lunges

Build a higher capacity for your lower body through performing lunges. By making some lunges at least a week before your expected date of hiking, you can improve your leg muscles and your hamstring, further avoiding any form of injuries while on the road.

You can choose from the different type of lunges. If preparing for a hike, short-step walking lunges and deficit forward lunges would suffice. Make sure to perform at least 30 lunges every day to make sure that your lower body is ready for bigger steps towards the peak.

To know how to perform lunges correctly, check this video tutorial:

Also, if you know someone who has invested to workout machines, you can also try spinning bikes for your lower body.

2. Planking

planking before hiking

Aside from lunges, you should also include in your daily workout the planking. This can help you strengthen your muscles, especially the abdominal muscles and it helps you improve your mood.

Also, since you have a backpack, walking too far with it can cause you back pain. If you perform sets of planks before you go, your back will then be ready for a longer trip despite the backpack's weight.

3. Squatting

squatting before hiking

You also need to reduce your fats and transform these into energy and other nutrients that are why we need to burn some calories. While ensuring that our body is equipped with enough muscle strength, we can get both by performing squats. In every squat we make, we can burn calories that will increase our nutrient content in our body.

Pack The Primary Nutrients That You Need

Backpackers will always put some space for snacks and other junk foods because they have the perception that they can watch the sunset with popcorns along the way.

However, as we promote good health and as we use hiking as a form of fitness training, we will be carrying a pack of healthy snacks that can contribute to your nutrient replenishment while crawling your way up.

Here are some ideas for the meals that we can consider to be a healthy mountain climber:

  • Chia Seeds – This will be your source of energy because chia seeds are full of carbohydrates. You can bring Chia Seeds with you in the form of baked good or in a packable salad.
  • Protein Bars – This is the ultimate source of additional protein during your trip. You can get packs of protein bars in grocery stores near you.
  • Banana and Apple – Either of this can give you enough nutrients while on the road. Make sure to put them in your bags before you go to ensure you have a bunch of multivitamins and carbohydrates, enough to keep your health.
  • Water or any fluid for hydration – You will be hiking under the streaks of the sun, so you better prepare yourself for a possible dehydration. Water is paramount as it helps our body perform well.
  • Tabs of Multivitamins – This will keep you full of nutrients for the rest of your trip. You should never have fever or any other symptoms while on a trip because that will lessen the joy that the trip could bring. To check on the best multivitamins for physically active people, check this out.
  • Remember! Avoid eating a lot of carbohydrates for it can make you feel bloated. Also, avoid foods with high fiber content because that can destroy your pre-conditioned stomach.

What Do You Get From Hiking?

Hiking requires strength and energy that we why we have provided warm-up or tune-up exercises and healthy snacks to keep your body in good condition. Now, we need to understand that hiking is also one of the best alternatives to gym training and fitness training in general because it offers the following benefits:

  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Improved blood circulation and sugar level stabilization
  • Boosts bone density
  • Increases strength
  • Lose weight and excessive fats


You can avoid experiencing muscle pains and other injuries if you will ensure that your body is prepared to move accordingly to the steepness of terrains. Before you leave for your trip, it is best to perform the above listed simple workouts at least one week before your adventure.

Also, bring the snacks that are suggested to keep your bag light, and your body lighter but with enough nutrients.

Do you have any other tips in mind? Share it with other hikers by putting down them in the comments section! Also, give the link to others who love tripping to keep their body healthy before their adventure!

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