Camping In Puerto Rico: What Need To Know?

Puerto Rico is where you will find some of the best adventure sports the world has to on offer. Puerto Rico is a big island that has a lot of tropical forests and scenic mountains, so finding a place to camp wouldn’t be very difficult. It’s also bounded by stunning beaches that are also a nice place to pitch your tent at.

But before choosing you spot and learning how to create fire from scratch, here are some important things you have to know before camping in Puerto Rico:

Make Reservation

Camping In Puerto Rico reservation

When visiting beaches in Puerto Rico, planning is not always necessary, but when it comes to camping, it’s a different story. It’s important to book a few days before your trip, especially that the rate can go up the closer you get to your intended date.

But then, even though most guidebooks and the National Park website about camping in Puerto Rico suggest making reservations, it’s not necessary as some sites like Tres Hermanos. You’re not required to do some sort of check-in and calling earlier to confirm your reservation.

Secure Safety

Camping In Puerto Rico secure and safety

A rule of thumb: You have to be alert of your surroundings, especially at night. The best advice I could give you is to build rapport with the locals, learn skills from them, and ask them about the best survival tips.

If you are female planning to camp on your own as female, you may want to reconsider. Make sure to register yourself at the camping headquarters.

Things to Bring

Things to Bring when Camping In Puerto Rico

Don’t forget to bring a sturdy tent and nice sleeping bag. Different from the well-maintained camping spots on the island, it’s necessary for you to bring your own things. Don’t forget other camping essentials such as first aid kit, lamp, map, GPS,  compass, Swiss army knife, and others.

If you think you don’t need any personal essentials when you’re camping in Puerto Rico, you should think again. Bug spray, baby wipes, sun block, and body soaps will be your best friends. Dealing with the bugs on a beach especially during the night can be your biggest nightmare, not taking a shower can lead to smelly situations, and you don’t want sunburn to ruin your trip.

Normally, the combination sunblock, of bug spray, and ocean water will conceal your sweaty smell, but just in case, deodorant and crumpling up your damp hair into nice curls can help you cling to a trace of classiness. 

Where to Camp In Puerto Rico

Choosing on which are the best places to camp in Puerto Rico might stir a lot of debate, but to help you find the best suitable camping spot for you, read on below:

Aguirre Forest

Camping In Puerto Rico forest

This camping spot can be is located inside the forest itself, even though it is very close to the street. If you’re a nature lover and enjoying kayaking, it’s a perfect place for you to camp.

By camping here you will have modern facilities such as restrooms, showers, and a barbecue pit in every three gazebos. There is also a dock for the kayaks if you want to.

Luquillo Beach

Camping In Puerto Rico beach

This is another good place for you to pitch your tent as it offers many facilities around the area such as showers, cafeterias, and even basketball courts. But you are probably more interested in enjoying waters, which is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and other fun water activities.

Tres Hermanos National Park

Camping In Puerto Rico national park

Though two other camping sites mentioned above offers modern facilities, camping in this place would be a different experience. You can camp in villas and cabins.

You will also able to enjoy other fun activities such as swimming pool, basketball courts, and beach volleyball courts. Furthermore, there’s a long beach with crystal clear water. But if you still want to sleep in a tent, that’s still possible for you to do so.

To tell you the truth, regardless of where you end up while camping in Puerto Rico, it would be a fun experience, whether you are on a beach, in a vacation spot, or in the middle of the forest.

Camping in Puerto Rico would certainly be a good experience to those who love the nature, but it’s strongly recommended for you to set up camp in a well-ordered camping spot. You can still enjoy the freedom and splendor of the country while knowing that you don’t have to worry anything about your safety.


Make sure to inform local authorities about your plans when camping by yourself since they’ll then be mindful of where you are in case something bad happens. Puerto Rico is a stunning country, and camping in its picturesque surroundings will certainly be a satisfying experience.

Have you experience camping in Puerto Rico? Share your story in the comment below!

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