Best Inflatable Lounger 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

What if you can take your favorite couch or sofa with you? Imagine relaxing on the beach, on the grass at a music festival, on the hard or soft ground after a long hike, or just catching some ZZZs at home!

No, you wouldn’t need a moving truck every time you take your sofa since it’ll roll up and fit easily into a bag, overall weighing no more than four pounds. Understandably, this sounds like a repose dream.

However, with the ingenious inflatable lounger, it’s no longer a dream. Hence, we’ve reviewed for you three of the best inflatable lounger for the ultimate in portable relaxation.

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​People have called them many things: banana lounger, inflatable sofa, inflatable hammock, laybag, air couch, and my personal favorite, pouch couch.

One thing is for sure, though: be it snow, sand, water, grass, or rocks, you’ll have a comfortable couch anywhere you go! Consequently, we’ve included a helpful buyer’s guide to help you find the inflatable lounger that fits your lifestyle and budget perfectly!

Best Inflatable Lounger 2019

ChillaX Inflatable Lounger


The ChillaX surely helps you lounge in cozy comfort with its multi-layered material and unique headrest design. Additionally, you’ll get three different pockets, a bottle opener, and a loop for secure staking.

This lounger’s thick material casing makes it ideal for any tough terrain while still being portable with its light 3-pound weight and pre-included nylon carry bag.​


  • Robust nylon exterior supporting up to 400 lbs
  • Large size when fully inflated as well as comfortable design
  • Headrest provides extra comfort
  • Water-resistant as well as easy to clean.


  • Takes more effort to fill due to large size

Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag Hammock Air Sofa and Pool Float Ships Fast


With the name Chillbo Baggins, you can’t help but wonder if Frodo and Sam’s arduous journey to Mount Doom may have been less exhausting if they had this inflatable lounger.

They would have been excited choosing from the seven different color combinations as well as feeling the highly durable yet lightweight ripstop nylon fabric.

This durability also makes it perfect as a pool float! Moreover, there’s only one air vent to fill which means a quicker and easier setup!

Supporting up to 400 lbs, the Chillbo Baggins will carry several hobbits or two to three friends! Lastly, portability becomes a breeze with this lounger owing to its 3-pound weight and pre-included carrying bag.​


  • Available in several colors, as well as camouflage
  • Floats on water
  • Holds up to 400 lbs
  • Only has one air vent to fill
  • Elastic loop anchors for securing the lounger


  • The priciest on our list
  • The side pockets could be bigger

Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Chair


At 2.65 pounds, the Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Chair is the lightest on our list! However, it doesn’t skimp on quality with its tear and abrasion resistant ripstop polyester.

Like the Chillbo Baggins, it’s also a great floatation device. Also, there’s no need to interrupt your lounging due to the large integrated pockets and a cupholder.​


  • Lightweight
  • Large pockets
  • No pump required


  • Fewer color choices

Inflatable Lounger​ Buyer’s Guide

What Exactly is an Inflatable Lounger?​

What Exactly is an Best Inflatable Lounger

One way to describe the inflatable lounger is that it resembles an oblong bean bag, but instead of pellets, you’ll be supported by air.

More specifically, they’re like two large dry bags stitched together on one end that you would inflate with air similar to an air mattress.

The size and shape of inflatable loungers make it perfect as a sofa or bed!

​Do I Need an Air Pump To Inflate The Lounger?

​Do I Need an Air Pump To Inflate The Lounger

One of the best things about inflatable loungers is that you won’t need air pumps to inflate them or need to collapse a lung trying to inflate them with your breath!

Inflating a lounger may take some practice, but once you learn the technique, it’ll only take a few seconds.

Incidentally, we’ve also included in this post the steps and tips on setting up and properly inflating your air sofa.

Is it Comfortable?​

Best Inflatable Lounger Comfortable

Many people look at an inflatable mattress and remember the sticky and sweaty feeling that they experienced on conventional air mattresses. Meanwhile, others would remember that cheap plastic feel of typical inflatable pool floats.

​Lastly, adding to the comfort of inflatable loungers is their portability! Usually, they come with their bag so you can take them everywhere you go.

A Dutch Invention​

The very first inflatable lounger was the brainchild of Dutch Inventor Marijn Oomen, which he called the Lamzac Hangout.

​The “lamzak” term is Dutch for “lazy person,” which explains, quite simply, the tranquility that an inflatable lounger can give you, lazy or not.

When Marijn Oomen introduced this portable cushion of air to the world, it was long before stocks ran low and competing designs ran high.

Despite the nomenclature of his invention, Mr. Oomen was anything but lazy when he invented this supine-lovers dream, for which we can only be thankful.

Picking Your Inflatable Lounger​

Nowadays, many other brands make their inflatable loungers based on Mr. Oomen’s original design. However, they’re not all the same with regards to quality. So for you to get the best inflatable lounger, you’ll need to look into several specific factors:


Material​ of Best Inflatable Lounger

The majority of inflatable loungers on the market sport a type of nylon fabric which keeps them light as well as features a measure of durability, breathability, and water resistance.

There’s just one caveat: not all nylon is created equal. For instance, the nylon in your swimming shorts is drastically less durable than the nylon found in parachutes. And it is the latter that you should look for in your inflatable lounger, specifically ripstop nylon fabric.

​If people are confident jumping out of airplanes with their ripstop nylon parachutes, then getting an air couch made from the same materials will be your best option.

 Water Resistance

Best Inflatable Lounger Water Resistance

​Again, your inflatable lounger’s resistance to water will depend on its physical build. Ripstop nylon actively resists water and also dries very quickly. However, inferior nylon materials will absorb water after a while, although it may still dry fast.

Carefully consider this aspect of the inflatable lounger especially if you intend to use it as a floatation device at the pool or beach.

Weight Capacity​

Weight Capacity​ of Best Inflatable Lounger

Various inflatable loungers have weight rating ranging from 250 pounds up to 400 pounds. Often a gauge of quality, an inflatable lounger’s weight rating will be crucial if many friends will be lounging on one air sofa.

Integrated Pockets

Integrated Pockets of Best Inflatable Lounger

Optional yet useful, built-in pockets and cup holders will perfectly complement an inflatable lounger. Use these pockets to hold your drinks, books, magazines, phones, snacks, and what have you.

​Inflating Tips and Tricks

One of the top concerns that people have after buying their inflatable lounger is properly inflating the device. Admittedly, it takes some initial trial-and-error to inflate an air sofa correctly.

Although a steady breeze, such as at the beach or on mountain peaks, will be incredibly helpful, you won’t always have the wind on your side.

Technique Over Effort​

Technique Over Effort​ of Best Inflatable Lounger

​The common mistake people make when inflating an air sofa is using strength and energy over technique. Typically, they would vigorously wave the lounger round and round or run to and fro for several meters to desperately get some air into it.

Although these are successful at times, they’re markedly tiring and ultimately defeats the purpose of a relaxing air sofa. So, how can you effectively inflate the lounger without breaking too much sweat?

1. Roll it Out​

This step is especially valid when you’re using the air sofa for the first time. Try also to give it a shake like you would a carpet, so you’ll air out the entirety of the material.

2. Hold Open Air Vent​

Firmly hold open one air vent while keeping the other vent closed tight.

3. Scoop and Shut​

Scoop and Shut​ Best Inflatable Lounger


This part is where technique becomes crucial. Essentially, you’ll be scooping air in one swing but closing the air vent before you finish swinging motion, so the air doesn’t have a chance to escape. Again, closing the air vent tight before the end of the swing is key.

You may need to do these two to three times until you get used to the motion and technique.

Afterward, repeat with the opposite air vent.

​4. Roll tight then clip

​Don’t worry if the air sofa seems like it hasn’t fully inflated. This state will change once you start rolling the seal and clipping it into place.

Here’s a quick and helpful video. Notice how she swings the lounger while scooping air in then quickly closing the air vent before the end of the swing.

​The Couch Pouch To Take Home

If you’re still on the fence (or on the hard, uncomfortable ground) about choosing your next inflatable lounger, we suggest the Chillbo Baggins if you’re into top-notch quality with a myriad of colors from which to choose!

lounger from Chillax


However, if you’re looking for size and optimal comfort, look no further than the lounger from Chillax, and you’ll be able to chill and relax wherever you go.​

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