7 Fascinating Things About the Best Campsite in Colorado

Ever want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city? Why not go camping and be in the best campsite in Colorado: Oh Be Joyful Campground, Crested Butte. Oh Be Joyful Campground Recreation Area got its name from a mountain stream nearby. The torrent of waterfalls pouring adds the charm to this haven.

Here are the 7 reasons why you shouldn’t miss it out.

1. Kayaking

kayaking in best campsite in colorado

Here visitors can experience the world-class Kayaking experience. When the water elevation is high, the campers can exploit the waters and paddle through the breathtaking scenery.

For daredevils out there, extreme kayaking is the way to go! Raging river streams flow down the rough through the boulders. Swat your paddle and let gravity take over! If reeling and adrenaline rush knocked you over, the panoramic view and tinge scents of pine trees around would lull your tumultuous heart as you ride down the river rage.

2. Winter sports

Winter sports in best campsite in colorado

If a holiday is approaching and leaves have been shaven off the trees, then yes it is winter time! Grab your skiing shoes from your attic and dust off those spanking shoes. Colorado is the most famous vacation place to go to during Christmas time and New Year’s. Not only ordinary people alike go here but Hollywood personalities as well. Mariah Carey fell in love with the place, why won’t you? Colorado has the best alpine routes.

Whether it be Alpine skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, skating, snowmobiling or what have you, Oh Be Joyful Campground, Crested Butte, is ready to fill your snow diving desires. Oh wait, the fun doesn’t stop there. Oh Be Joyful Campground, Crested Butte offers you the rare opportunity to kayak on snow.

3. Free

free best campsite in colorado

Yes, you heard it right! This is a free campsite. Who said you couldn't have fun without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, not this time.

4. The Wildlife

The Wildflowers

The Wildflowers in best campsite in colorado

Due to moisture and fertile basin, wildflowers are abundant, especially during the spring and summer season. You will be in awe if you find the Colorado State’s flower, Columbine. The other more common blossoms that you might come across include the Indian Paintbrush and the Avalanche Lily.

The Animals

wild animals in best campsite in colorado

Don’t be surprised if a horse would just lie around your camp tent. Livestock animals such as cows graze in the meadows. Sheep are herded. Of course, free moving animals meander around, and you wouldn’t want to mess with them unless you want them to mess up with you, for which I doubt. If that is not exciting enough, you can also get a glimpse of the life the wild animals.

5. Convenient

Oh Be Joyful Campground, Crested Butte is near the restaurants and stores. It is just 5 miles away. So if you need to replenish your supplies, last minute take-ups are possible, and you are good to go.

You can bring your four wheels and your two wheels.

best campsite in colorado is convenient

By the way, are you also pondering if you could bring your car or SUV? No worries because the camping trails are passable by huge vehicles. To add to that, why don’t you also hop on your ever reliable bicycle onto your car? You can utilize this bad boy then cross the river. Wander around in this wonderland and “fly” high the mountain with this rolling metal.

Attraction, Facilities, and Services

Convenience will be handed to you, brought to you by Oh Be Joyful Campground. They will assist you with the river access. Camp areas are developed and maintained. Full bath restrooms are available to use. Day- park service is provided by the best campsite in Colorado.

In Crusted Butte, lodging, shops and restaurants are in place. It isn’t that bad after all, huh? When you thought you would be deprived by the perks of being in “civilization” but hey you’re mistaken.

6. You will never be bored

There is a myriad of adventures you may want to experience: hiking, backpacking trails, fly-fishing, paddling, kayaking, wildlife seeking, world-class mountain biking, water recreation, swimming, horseback riding, winter sports activities, four-wheel roads and much more.

Oh wait, don’t forget to bring the grahams and the mallows ‘coz we’ll collect woods and shrubs and burn ‘em in the pit and make that classic s’mores. Do you remember if you put that in the grocery list?

Be with the nature. Embrace the wildlife. Unleash the inner Bear Grylls in you!

Breathtaking view

Breathtaking view in best campsite in colorado

This place is panoramic and picturesque. Before summer you can observe the wonder and beauty of the mountain alps. From the emergence of spring, you will then watch and witness as the wildflowers bloom.

The bodies of water

The water landscape adds the enchantment. You will be enraptured by the charm of this. Steady moving river flows on the rock bed. The waterfalls will make you oblivious of what burden the world has put on your shoulders.

The raging river slopes are just perfect for an afternoon kayaking. In a high altitude, certainly, the temperature is extremely low. Immersing in a hot spring provides instant warmth to the campers that experience the freezing cold atmosphere.

7. Dispersed Camping

Who does not want to get a bang with their buck? If you do not want to spend your hard earned cash for established campsites, why not camp out in dispersed camp locations. Just look out for traces that those indeed are designed for dispersed camping. Watch out though, some areas are restricted and owned by private citizens.

Dispersed Camping in best campsite in colorado

There might not be the facilities and amenities that you are hoping for but what the heck, you are there to camp and you know what I mean. There may have fire rings or lack thereof, and as I uttered, camping is unleashing the inner Bear Grylls. Think like you are a contestant of the game of “Survivor”, chopping up the wood, building shelter and the like. Leave no stone unturned!

There are other areas of restrictions. The wilderness areas are protected so that our children and grandchildren would still enjoy what Mother Nature has bestowed on us. Campers are merely allowed to camp 200 feet from the streams and rivers. In highly trafficked areas, campers are only allowed to settle ¼ mile or on a larger zone from the rivers and streams. 

Garbage, urine, and human waste are discarded by irresponsible individuals into these water bodies and we don’t want that to happen to our wilderness, do we? Let us keep it pristine and crystal. Off the grid camping is the way to go. It is primitive. That is the true essence of camping, “au naturel” and disconnected from the mundane.

Nothing is better than the scent of the pine trees, the warmth of the freshly chopped burnt wood and the chirping of birds. Unwiring from the fast-moving modern world is what we all need. Once in a while, recharge, connect with the nature, speak with the animal creatures and stop and smell the flowers.

Final Thoughts​

 best campsite in colorado waiting for

What are you waiting for? In the best campsite in Colorado, Oh Be Joyful Campground, Crested Butte, you can bring your camping gear and start rolling. That scenery is picturesque, and the adventures you can encounter are the bomb.

Keep in mind that Crested Butte is packed during summer times, holidays and weekends. Contact the BLM and Forest Service local office’s with the telephone number (970) 641-0471 during Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. You can also reserve your spot by logging on to http://www.recreation.gov.

Comment below and share your camping experiences. Be a happy camper!

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